Indigo Stories Of All Ages And Spiritual Paths

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Here is a collection of Indigo Stories from around the world.  You will find guest posts and comments by Indigo, Crystal and Star Seeds of all ages and spiritual paths. Perhaps these insights will help in finding your purpose or connect with other kindred spirits. You can share your own story and experiences too.

This is where you can write in with questions or comments about being, knowing or having an Indigo. So if you are an indigo adult, or an indigo child or you have indigo children of your own, don’t hide in the shadows. Shine your indigo radiance here on

Indigo Stories Of All Ages And Spiritual Paths

Perhaps you have read a good book about being indigo and you want to give it a shining review. Or maybe you want to know about the best crystals for indigo children. On the other side of the amethyst, you may make indigo pendants and want to show them off to your tribe.

Come on - let us all know about your special gifts.

Featured Indigo Stories

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Archived Indigo Stories

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Indigo Locations Not rated yet
I've always known I was different - I have 25/26 characteristics of being indigo but how do I really know? I feel my soul yearning for more of …

Indigo Spiritual Path Not rated yet
My name is Ayçayia. I just turned 16 last week. I have connection with angels and my spiritual guides since I was a small kid. I have seen many dreams …

First Wave Indigo Not rated yet
Dear Psychic Junkies, I will attempt to give you my resume' of Indigo experiences old and new! In early 2008, after Googling "Indigo and Crystal", I was …

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