The Indigo Stories Guiding
All Ages And Spiritual Paths

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Here is a collection of Indigo Stories from around the world.  You will find guest posts and comments by Indigo, Crystal, and Star Seeds of all ages and spiritual paths. Perhaps these insights will help in finding your purpose or connect with other kindred spirits. You can share your own story and experiences too.

This is where you can write in with questions or comments about being, knowing or having an Indigo. So if you are an indigo adult, or an indigo child or you have indigo children of your own, don’t hide in the shadows. Shine your indigo radiance here on

Indigo Stories Of All Ages And Spiritual Paths

Indigo children, teens and adults who experience a psychic awakening, in today’s predominantly non-psychic society, face much fear and confusion. Peers call us ‘crazy’. Non-psychic people misunderstand us and may chalk-up our psychic gifts to an overactive imagination or lying. Lacking the right direction can result in a disturbing experience for Indigo Children, which typically leads to overwhelming stress and depression.

We are all born with varying degrees of psychic abilities. Unfortunately, these innate abilities do not come with a handbook of use. Indigo kids, who are born with highly-developed abilities, adapt to them easily, like learning to walk and talk. Yet, society has its way of conditioning natural psychic abilities out of children. As a result, they may stuff their gifts away and try to forget about them.

However, it is quite common for the psychic awakening to blossom for the Indigo during the teen years. Without means to master this strange phenomenon that is ‘happening’ you  might go into sensory overload. Such events as prophetic dreams, seeing or sensing spirits (clairvoyance), hearing voices when no one is around (clairaudience) or feeling other people’s energy, emotions and/or pain (clairsentience) can accelerate stress and anxiety.  

The ideal environment for Indigo kids and/or teenagers is in an awakened Indigo family. These parents know how to guide and nurture their gifted child. But non-Indigo parents must be careful not to belittle their Indigo teenager who shows signs of psychic ability. Knowledge is the enemy of ignorance. A young Indigo knowing they are not the only one experiencing psychic awakening will relieve their concerns about being “different”. It may provide great comfort to realize you are willing to help with research about being an Indigo and having psychic abilities.

I hope you will find these Indigo Stories a compassionate resource. They can explain what Indigo People of all ages are  experiencing emotionally, provide guidance and direction and show you where to find resources for future skill development. These Indigo Stories may encourage you to read about psychic development and learn to honor these spiritual gifts. One of the most powerful acts for us is literacy. Reading enriches and enhances life.

Featured Indigo Stories

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