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Indigo Talents

by V.P. Trujillo
(San Jose, California, U.S.A.)



I've been researching into this topic for quite some time. I find it all explains the great deal of many things that have been sorting within my heart, mind, and soul throughout my twenty years. The subjects I brought up, how I would view things, the fact I even felt like I was older, though not of the flesh, and much much more.

I suppose I do not have any particular story, or any talent of which might be worthy of merit. Other than just what is me. A fish has a hard time realizing that he/she is swimming within water. So I suppose I would have to leave my "characteristics & talents" up to others to categorize, and point out.

I want to know though, know, know, know. More about it all, maybe you can provide me with more information? Maybe even tell me "hey, you're not an Indigo Child because this-that-etc." I would much appreciate it.

Gaze upon my face and tell me what secrets it holds!

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Oct 27, 2013
All you are is what ever you will become.
by: Ms. Starr

All of twenty years on this very old plain of life. You see ahead of you not knowing if or when you are going the right way. We all go through that very same thing. It is not important what others think of you it is what you think of yourself. Follow your inner spirit, let it lead you. Don't give into negative karma. Know that if you are not succeeding you are not meant to do it. Once you know you are not the one in control of your life the road will become more clear to you. Weather you are or not and Indigo is not important at all. You must learn who you truly are and your life will become easier to exsept. Know you are not alone, there are many like you. There have others before you and many after you. If you need any other questions answered please feel free to contact me here.

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