Indigo Teacher

by Horus
( Newport beach ca)

I am indigo and I am here to teach ..... But first ... I have been alone for my whole life and have met only one other. There are many out there that lay claim and should not. It is my duty to protect myself from the powers that seek to destroy us and I am taking a huge risk so that I might seek to find others of my likeness. I need not parade my abilities like some kind of trophy that I won throwing beanbags at a carnival. For I may be the one who hath been chosen to wield these gifts they are not mine but god’s to be called upon when his work is to be done. Through this undeniable understanding of his will through me his power is limitless.

Please!!!!! I know who we are

Know why we are here

I know what needs to be done

But I know not what to do

I am stuck.

I am pretty sure I know my place but it is not that time yet.

I humbly seek guidance.

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Jan 13, 2013
by: Carleen

I believe I am here to help other beings to prepare... for the new earth. Sorry, I am working on a laptop with no shift keys, lol.

Anyway, I have a very strong connection with animals and children and am highly sensitive. I possess some psychic abilities. I am trying to re-awaken them or make them stronger. I am also extremely lonely and have the desire to connect with others like myself. Does anyone have this overwhelming ache in their heart to unite with other Indigos... mine is so strong it's almost physical and at times I want to cry. Am I the only one feeling this way.

Please contact me.

Aug 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am an recently discovered 17 year old taurus indigo child....i believe that i am a searcher...i believe i may be very inportant in the upcoming change of our world...i am very confused and doubt comes easily

i need help

alpha and omega.....i know its important somehow

Nov 22, 2011
Can we guide each other
by: Madison

I am a healer and my story is similar but I'm sure not the same, we all search for guidance please e-mail so we both can help each please put indigo in the title so I know it's not spam.

Apr 29, 2011
hello :)
by: sdub

To horus - I wonder if you are still worried about you. Which is totally natural and part of human nature, but it gets in the way of being a clear channel. You must quiet your mind and listen and be patient - you are incubating now (well, your ideas are...LOL!) and the more time you give yourself, the more possibilities you will be able to explore, and thus the more likely you will be to stumble upon the correct answer for you.

In the meantime...think about what your strengths are, and how to go about using them for the good of all. I imagine we are a lot alike...I like to volunteer at a crisis hotline 2-3x per month and hang out with animals. Just give love. Lift up the others around you while waiting to understand the entirety of your purpose; that is ALL God asks of us. :)

And to Erin: it is proof when YOU decide it is proof. But I will give you a nudge, too...see, we've been trained to rely only on our logic and reason (the left brain) to analyze our world and make decisions. But we have other very valid sources of input, including our feelings and intuition.

When you come across some information that BOTH makes sense logically AND makes you feel good/empowered/loved... then that is a clear and good message. I strongly believe that any message from God or our higher selves will fulfill BOTH requirements. And it will also echo the "highest message" - Unconditional Love. It will be patient, kind, uplifting, empowering, nurturing, calm, steady, etc. It will never be pushy, manipulative, sneaky, harsh or angry. Those latter, darker emotions are not "bad" or "wrong" - they are part of our human repertoire - but God is not so easily swayed by such impulses and baser instincts. :)

Love you all!

Dec 08, 2010
Indigo Proof
by: Erin

I just came to discover that I am Indigo, or at least I think I am. I'm 16 years old, and I've had the views specified, for as long as I can remember. I am just curious as to a way that is proof of being an Indigo Child/Adult?

Thanks :)

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