Indigo to Crystal

by Christa Marie

When I was a young child I told my mother I chose her. I told her I chose my family and I picked them out before I was born. Years later I realize how true that was. I was remembering. We forget due to society. But when we remember it is most joyous. I knew I was and indigo before I knew there was a name for it. When I discovered the belief behind an indigo I felt relieved and so wonderful. I am now 20 and in the process of making the transition I have waited for my whole life. Indigo to crystal. It is challenging but I have never felt more joyous. I battled with depression from a very young age and all of the above indigo traits. I have learned to appreciate and love who I am and who I was, for the experiences in my life have taught me lessons a price will never be suitable for.

Long story short, I have grown, but with the help of the lightworkers. Thank you to all who were brave and put the information out there for us to learn. You have helped me so very much and for that I am eternally grateful. If anyone wishes to discuss such things I am available to converse. Never give up indigos we will do what we came here for as soon as we love ourselves.

*Peace, Light and Love.
-Christa Marie

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