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Indigo Visualisation Exercises

by Indigo Warrior

Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this post is a bit too long, I'm afraid it will be, yet I think this is very important.

I'm in my early thirties and I'm an Indigo. This is hard to admit for me because I didn't want to have anything to do with this kind of stuff. But destiny is destiny and I feel better now that I have accepted it.

I have always been a kind and sensitive person, since childhood, intelligent and strong. My parents are transparent, innocent and loving and I feel very fortunate for that, and we live very deeply involved in a religious environment (the very virtuous and earthly type, so we are lucky) We don't lack spiritual contact and protection and a sound basis for our lives.

Yet outside that protective circle... my life has been an utter and absolute hell. It happens that I have the ability to attract negative energy and people very powerfully, as a natural thing! This I know now and I can manage but before... I still can't believe I survived!

I am young but I have already been involved with five abusing men, who hit me, insulted me, harassed me and put me down. Two other guys threatened me and harassed my house and sent me emails telling me that they would kill me (they didn't know each other, in fact they were from different countries. So what a nasty coincidence!) A 'friend' of my poor and innocent parents sort of thirty years older than me even attempted sexual abuse on me! At every one of my jobs I was mobbed by envious people and at school I was always bullied. My girl friends stole the boys I liked from me before my very face, put me down, at my back and before my face, and used me for contrast (you know, I was the 'Ugly Betty' one, always) I also went to meditation and 'therapeutic' groups which later I saw that they had sectarian ideas and also threatened me... madness.

I'm no masochist. All these people looked completely normal at first. But then they changed, horribly, into the worst of mankind. And then they wouldn't let me go by no means.

By my late twenties I stopped going out of my house. I thought life was a living hell and that everybody was nuts. And I started to take my life. You know, you don't really need ropes or guns or poison, you only need to pull your soul away from you, slowly but firmly. You don't even need to be psychic to do that. It's a question of attitude.

But fortunately I saw on the internet information about Indigos. I took a test on a Spanish web and I scored more than 80% Indigo and Crystal. I thought that that was an awful lot and I decided that I would seek help. Yet there is a lot of information about Indigo children but not so much about Indigo adults. So I had to go through it all by myself. Invaluable help: the Silva method advised in this very page. It helped me get finally in contact with my essence and intuition.

It turns out I have the natural ability to trans-mutate old dense energy, so that's why it came to me naturally (at some point, I had believed that I was jinxed or doomed or that deep in my heart I was truly evil or whatever!)

Please let me give you some advice and visualizations that helped me, if you are an Indigo they could be helpful to you as well:

1 - Develop your psychic abilities. It is frightening but a must do. To me, being an Indigo is similar to being a shaman, at least in this aspect. Shamans are chosen by the spirits and they can't refuse, otherwise they go mad. I truly believe that unless an Indigo accepts his essence and works on it his life goes nuts. There are many things one can do nowadays, for example Reiki, bioenergy or biodance, kinesiology... whatever

2 - Protect yourself. There are many visualization techniques that work an awful lot. You can visualize angels, gods or goddesses, being inside a cylinder of light... there are many techniques. My favorite one is visualizing the Ouroboros snake (you can Google it) circling around my aura, protecting me from any unwanted or harmful energy. It truly works.

3 - Work hard to cleanse yourself. Do yoga, tai chi, tao exercises, whatever. Stay in contact with nature and develop your faith! This is very important. The more love and faith you have, the less afraid you will be from yourself and your surroundings. It is very important to rise your vibration and synchronize with the Indigo frequency. This can mean painful changes but it is for the better.

4 - Energize yourself. You are an Indigo so take profit from it! Visualize yourself being filled with beautiful indigo energy as you breathe, coming directly from the sacred origin of all energy, our origin. Being involved in so much conflict can really make you feel like shht! So be strong and always remember your purpose in life. It is not to be cool and popular at school but to be a Warrior of the Light! Isn't that far more interesting?

5 - Tachyon energy helps an awful lot and can truly change your life for the better!

6 - Ho'oponopono techniques. They are AWESOME! You can Google them and you will find a lot of free information. Highly highly recommended.

7 - Remember: most people simply CAN'T love as you do. But this doesn't mean that they don't love you! I have felt desperately lonely these last thirty years, but it was only my perception. I really believed nobody loved me (and furthermore... some of them even tried to destroy me! What a sh!) But they did love me, most of them! They loved me at their utmost inside their possibilities. It is us who have to make an effort to understand this and not expect too much from others.

8 - If you are the jinxed type of Indigo like me (I hope not, truly...) get hold of a cat. Cats transmutate dense energy by nature. I have a cat and he is truly like a big brother, he helps me transmutate and I can always count on his sweet relaxed gaze and know that everything is okay even in the middle of the most deranging madness.

9 - Keep a lot of contact with nature, especially water. Keep plants, they also help transmutate. You can see in plants how life grows strongly from old and dirty energy. Rely on sacred symbols, OM or mantras or whatever you like because they all work. Crystals and gems are also powerful allies, and help a lot in grounding. They also transmutate. I also work with Tibetan Singing Bowls. They are all powerful allies. The vibration of the singing bowls empowers your thoughts till the very ends of the universe!

10 - Remember, and this is difficult, that the best way to invest rage is in prayer asking for the harmful energy to be transmutated. Visualize a tunnel of white light at the left side of the harmful people or energy and pray for that dense energy to go to the Highest Light to be transmutated through that tunnel. You will be AMAZED by the results. Remember that people are NOT harmful, it is the type of energy they are breeding, that can be harmful or healing, so it makes no sense to say X person is sh! Because it is not true and also bad karma for yourself.

Sometimes destiny is tough! Mine is being an Indigo that deals directly with dense energy... and I hate it! Really! I would LOVE and GIVE ANYTHING in the world to be a normal person! But I am learning slowly to accept my task, sometimes I even enjoy it. Surprisingly enough, those who hurt me so deeply in the past have become my allies. I visualize them and each one of them represents one aspect of old energy to be transmutated. When I face harmful energy again, I visualize them and then I start working in MYSELF, in the old energy in myself that attracts that from the outside, and I pray for the Light and in healing within myself so that it is mirrored in the outside world, and those allies from my past are now like channels that help me focus (they are quite willing to do that... at least in my visualizations!)

Well enough chatter! I hope this was useful. Lots of love and light for you mates! My best wishes.

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Jan 27, 2012
Old Energy
by: Anonymous

I read a while back about great goodness and great awesome energy. I am an older Indigo, 51 years young. After reading about old energy I decided to rid myself of it as I wanted only great goodness inside. I was walking around at work, in a plant...and said to myself while walking, "Get Out!" I don't want you here ... with great force..I only want great goodness in my house (ie:body) so get out and I accept only good energy inside me so everything else GET OUT! Now I don't recommend doing this at or any place your walking, as I learned the hard way. Next thing to happen was this great escape of energy out the top of my head and I became quite dizzy. I couldn't believe it. I almost fell over! I felt this enormous sense of relief and sense of wholeness all at once. And since then I've asked for protection surrounding me and great goodness within. As stated by others before me, we as indigo's must take responsibility for our own energy as others don't fully understand how to love as we do. We have a most wonderful gift, that has taken many years to come to fruit for me, we are love. We have the most wonderful gift in life to just show up and smile and give love, we feel it all inside and are able to give if to others. That is why others want to be around us who are not so good, they want a little of what we have, they know this deep down but can't figure out how to get there. We are the guides of the world. Who needs to be cool...we just are...once you realize this what else matters. Let others be themselves without judgment so your world will be better and your karma clean to invite in Great Goodness of the Universe. Being Indigo is very much a blessing and I wouldn't want to be any other way, because once you become grounded and happy...ahhh...what a life you will have. Seek Joy...Seek Great Goodness...Seek Peace and Love....Seek Balance....then go out and live a most Joyful life and share it with those around you. Keep those of like..good energy around you close while enjoying everyone else. Your life will change when you accept good and want good. S.

Nov 23, 2011
Indigo Jedi Knight
by: Joe

I KNEW I did not belong in school before my first day there...I sensed it so...and for sure...I could not do the work, get along with the kids, teachers. My thinking was way off from anyone’s...and I could not understand why we had to learn all the nonsense they preached. I Knew I was an actor, so I became one. But the thing is that I KNEW it...others said I was nuts, too young to know who I am..etc etc...I showed them.

Apr 04, 2010
Others wont let go
by: Bella


I can understand where you are coming form about relationships. I attract men that are usually older than me even if only by a little bit. They appear looking normal and I feel relaxed and calm around them. They treat me like a princess and then I fall for them...

After about 3-6 months the phone calls get less, then the name calling starts and then they try to change what I choose to wear. They belittle me and make me feel worthless. I then get angry and fed up and in every case I dumped them. I said to one boy friend if you don?t like the way I dress, what I say, or my personality, why are you still here? He replied you need help you aren?t right the way you are, you are immature you need to grow up.

I am 29 and I just broke up with the last one who loved me and verbally abused me.. Now all of these men have come crawling back and they won?t leave me alone. The one who said I am not right the way I am started stalking me to the point of early morning calls etc. I have had past boyfriends stalk me at work too. My last boyfriend won?t leave me alone either, he emailed me until I gave in. I had moved and changed my number but he got me with the email.

It's like they suck the life out of me then I leave them and they see the light. They see their bad ways and vow to change. It's like they need me, that's how I feel they need me there to abuse to make themselves feel good.

I took one boyfriend back once after he saw the light.. 2 months later he was back to the same old calling me names but saying ?damnn, you?re pretty though, but you are stupid? etc. I flunked school I got U marks that means my work was so bad they didn?t even grade it.. But get this.. I have an IQ of 160! How is that possible?

Anyways its not just men who wont leave me alone its past friends too. I have this past friend who treated me badly and stabbed me in the back with lies etc, and as soon as I walk away she won?t leave me alone. Now 3 years after I killed the friendship she is still hassling my sister on facebook to get through to me in face. My ex boyfriend has been hassling her too in a bid to get to me. I have always, always attracted lost souls and for some stupid reason I feel their pain I feel their worth and I give all of myself to them to make them see that I even get emotionally involved but I never see it at first until its too late and I feel drained.

Nov 29, 2009
Just was told about Indigo people
by: danee

I am 40 years old and was just told about Indigo people from a client of mine. I am a hairstylist. My grandmother told me when I was a child that I have the gift of discernment which could also be a curse. I told her that when people were bad I just saw black. I still can tell if someone is lying to me 99 % of the time. I grew up in a very negative environment with a step mother who resented me. My mother died when i was 3 months old. I also can see right through people. My house environment is very calm & positive. I cannot stand being around pain and negativity. Up until now I kind did not understand. I have had a few experiences of 'feelings" that things were going to happen. ie I told my husband there was going to be an earthquake about 3 minutes before it happened. I was on an airplane to NYC (I love to travel normally) and was almost in Panic attack mode to get off the plane. I found out shortly after landing that our plane was a terrorist target. 3 terrorists had been arrested with all the Jetblue flights going into JFK airport. Anyways, I guess I am a healer maybe..I don't know....All I know is I have all the traits and so do my daughters. I don't know what to do with it and if anyone else can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you <3

Mar 17, 2009
Thank you, Indigo Soul Family Members!
by: Mystickal Wytch

I am so glad I found this site! Everything I've read so far has been so helpful, but especially this post about transmuting negative energy, as I've been wondering for years why I seemed to be "the lesson" someone else had to learn about being nice to other people. I thought, Why am I manifesting this? But this post really clicked it all into place! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your post!

Jun 06, 2008
Great to hear from you, Warrior :)
by: Tito

Don't worry, I know where you're coming from 'cause I'm a loner, too. I love to spend as much time as I can all alone; with the exception of my cat, that is LOL! But hearing from you is really exciting for me too!

People with dark energy. Fortunately, I've never gotten death threats like you have, but two girls whom I loved very much really crushed me. Both had lived very sad and painful lives and, clearly, they just couldn't get over that. They're simply not strong enough and therefore, both became very sick, twisted, mean and cruel people. Then again, if there's someone to blame for thinking they could be redeemed and made happy, it's me. My fault, not theirs. So, I forgive them and wish nothing but the best for both.

Now, if you allow me to make an observation, I'd have to say that I've sensed some fear and uncertainty in you, which given what you've been through, is only natural of course. I understand it so well because I, myself, still have a long way to go in order to fully regain my self-esteem and self-confidence. It takes courage to leave shame behind for the things we've lived through, accept who we are and why we have gone through all those things. IMHO, you're starting to reach that point; to regain your self-worth and confidence and finally opening up to the world. That's when good things start to happen. Slowly, but steadily. I'm sure you've already noticed, haven't you?

Surely, you must know that you're not alone. Nor are you some kind of circus-freak, oddity or rarity. It's not because of me, 'cause I replied to your post or invited you to write to me. It's because the Divine Absolute Power of the Universe (call It God, Spirit or whatever you like) is right there, next to you, inside of you and all around you, all the time. And the coolest thing is that through prayer/meditation you can tap into that amazing, endless power of love, light and energy anytime you want.

I've known people who boast about having met certain "celebrities", girls who brag about having slept with this or that rock star, guys who claim having partied with a certain movie star, but none of those people can say: "I'm always hanging out with the Big Boss up in the skies. I'm a VIP in Heaven!" LOL

Well, Indigo Warrior (love your handle, BTW), so many thoughts and ideas to share, but there's simply not enough space here! Still, I do hope you write soon, so we can stay in touch and keep learning from each other.

Till then, take care and keep shinning as brightly as you do! :-)



Jun 06, 2008
Thank you so much Tito :)
by: Anonymous

It really moved me that you write in response. You are the first Indigo who contacts me openly and it feels exciting and also a little bit frightening (I'm too used to be lonely!) Thank you so much for your offer I will write you :)

I understand what you say there has also been people in my life working with black energy, trying to pretend to be good and 'be friends of me'. But if you think of it it is all a label. We all deal with pure black energy daily, when we encounter envious or abusing or dishonest people, people who seek scapegoats for their negativity. If you think of it, it is exactly the same type of energy, only that disguised instead of in the open. Most common people work in three layers, first there is the appearance which is, of course, the appearance of a nice person who wouldn't harm anybody, generally speaking. The second layer is the unconscious one, and the dark energy comes from that. The shamans call it the Parasite. It has no moral and no limits and the conscious mind is unaware of its doings, most of times. It works instinctively so it doesn't refrain from harming, no remorse. The third layer is the central core, the purest spirit of the person and his real essence. That is the one you can appeal to to stop the attacks, because it has power over the other two, yet it is the least noticed one.

One of the best protections is to acknowledge these three layers of existence in yourself as much as you can. This is tough tough work. It was really difficult for me to learn to see and accept my darkest side, I'm still on it! It is mostly the process of becoming aware of your Parasite and how it works, the Maya the Buddhists would say ;) and then simply let it be as it is and choose to act from another level. Most of the process of self-knowledge consists, at least for me, in making conscious the unconscious. Fortunately we have many means nowadays :)

I am sure you know all this already. Another visualization that helps me a lot is that with a sword of light I cut "reality" (rather, the illusion of reality) as if it was a cinema screen. And it opens to... who knows! But that is the reality we are looking for. Something different from our illusions.

I bet your cat looks as if she was still a kitten! :) My cat is over 13 and as young as ten years ago, and in perfect health. I really think Indigos and cats make a good team, in terms of energy. The use of gems, crystals, water, plants... apparently has more to do with Crystal frequency rather than Indigo, yet I have read somewhere that Indigos evolve into Crystals at some point.

We'll talk more by mail. A big hug :)

Jun 05, 2008
Great info! Thanks...
by: Tito

Hi there, Indigo Warrior,

I wanna thank you so much for these tips!

Most of my life, I've been surrounded by people with extremely negative energy, just like you.
To illustrate my point: the girl whom I thought was the "love of my life" was a satan-worshipping, heroin addict. Can't get much worse than that, really. But that's just one example out of many, which I'm not gonna bore you with.

I too, was pushed around in school and seemed to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, I became an extremely angry, bitter and negative person and did some things that I'm certainly not proud of.

After I learned about Indigo Adults and started suspecting I was one of them, I took an on-line test in a Chilean Indigo site. (I think it's the same test you took and my scores were 95% Indigo, 75% Crystal). Since then, it's been like taking a blindfold from my eyes. All the pieces of a puzzle had finally come together.

Now, I've never wanted what you would call a "normal life". I always knew I was different and never wanted for things to be otherwise. So, after I discovered my real identity, I fully embraced my nature. Perhaps the fact that I love Star Wars 'cause the Jedi philosophy resonated so strongly with me (powerful warriors of light with psychic abilities, sworn uphold peace and justice) helped ease my acceptance of who and what I am. Or, perhaps it was the fact that I started studying Buddhism shortly before I learned I was an Indigo. Whatever the case, this was meant to be.

Now, I'm in complete agreement with you; there's lots of info on Indigo Children, lots of educational and therapeutic programs for them but almost none for us, adults. Like you, I've pretty much have had rely on my own abilities and instinct to develop my gifts (which has been a very slow process so far), change my way of life, the food I used to eat, learn ways to protect myself from all the dark, negative energy, etc. Fortunately, one of my best abilities is that I've always been better at self-teaching than at learning from others.

Some of the info you posted, I already knew. But, some things I didn't know, like surrounding myself with plants, staying close to water, cats (I've a wonderful cat, Nikita, that just adores me and has been with me for over 10 yrs. now), visualizing "antagonists", people who have done me wrong, as allies.

Again, thanks so much for sharing all of this! I'm gonna start putting it to use ASAP and I'm sure I'll get positive results. I'd love to share thoughts and experiences with you sometime, if you'd like. Feel free to write to me at: anytime.

May you continue to be blessed and share your light with the rest of the world.


Your friend and Indigo brother, Tito.

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