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Indigo Wants Psychic Techniques

by Manajiwin

I see mostly boy ghosts. Like a crazy boy, with crazy red hair, jumps off the porch. I’ve seen a ghostly marathon runner, running across the road. At other times I’ve seen spooky black figures in robes, or white figures in robes (probably an angel), and a teenage girl and some other stuff like that.

When I see a bus riding by or cars which aren’t really there I get a little confused. When I was younger I got scared when I used to hear voices; like that of a little boy when I was playing a pinball machine. He said "can I play?"

Even when I’m on the computer I will sometimes hear the voices (didn’t know what was said...), and my mom heard the sound of footsteps in boots then about a week later I heard it too.

And lastly I had a dream of a bus crash... and my sister told me it happened in china or something. I want to keep learning about my psychic ability but I need some of the techniques.

Can you help me, and then I can help others, please comment on my stories.

Sincerely, Manajiwin

P.S I don’t have my psychic abilities that much so I need to learn about it some more....

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Aug 02, 2012
Re: strange
by: Manajiwin

weird that happens to me 2

Jun 12, 2012
by: Manajiwin

Tell me this when i was looking at the television i saw the bathroom when the door was closed....
what does that mean???

Feb 27, 2012
Hey look into past lives
by: Angelica-J

I am at times psychic but it gets to much for me because of some of my experiences have been to real and i lose my grip on reality because i am a dream drifter but what i can offer you is you should look into past lives so you can understand what your soul has been through it will help you grow and remember life lessons you have already learnt it could also be why you sometimes see vehicles that are not there i get that sometimes with houses and buildings as well but its a past life memory crossing with this life its kinda like your souls inner memories. it happened a lot when i went to Italy last year (ive never been this life before) and there were towns i already knew and things that appeared as shadows felt more of a memories then ghostly ... or ... it could be that when you see vehicles and things its more of a premonition to do with it take note of make model number plate if possible and take notice of whats around you it could reassure you if you could make a connection with it later on. One more tip from my experience make sure you protect yourself energy wise because you are more sensitive and you are more likely to give away your energy without realising and its really draining .
blessed be .

Feb 17, 2012
by: Indigo seer

I do not see spirits, I sence them, and hear them, if I take the time to listen. Im a communicator. as well as a seer of the future. I did'nt start seeing untill right before 911 happened. I had a dream of terrorists taking over the USA and the fighting was in my town. It was set on fire, and most of our soldiers were sent off to war and basically lost. All that were left were women and children. These men had dark skin and turbins upon their heads. They were the terrorists. They were killing off people left alive and raping the women! Thank God I did'nt see what they did to the children!!

As God As my witness, This was the beginning of my dreams! So you can imagine the horror I went through when 911 really happened! And then Pres Bush sent us off to war!!

Since then ive had dreams of Bin ladens death, Protests and world wide knowledge that the world was comming to an end (abt 10 yrs ago)and that time is now!! Dreamt of Floods, Tornadoes, Dust storms, Madonas death, which came out of no where! In this dream, Madonna had died, and while people were talking about how she was just starting to come back out, how good she looked, and how people just could'nt believe she was gone! When all of a sudden a Great earthquake happened that shook the entire world! This dream has yet to come true, and hopefully it dosent happen but if madonna suddenly dies then you know to head for shelter!!

Ive also had a dream about an Electronic Pulse, a couple yrs ago, that wiped out all motors and computer chips, bringing all vehicles to a screaching hault! the only weird thing about this dream is cell phones and the cars radios still worked when an announcer came on saying "we dont know what just happened but this is the bolldiest day in history" Because of the cars anti-lock break systems kicked in, causing accidents, and predestrian deaths! This has been my most recent and last dream of the future. I havent had any rememorable future dreams since.

So you see, be careful of what you wish for! While some dreams have come true, most of them have yet to come true and I hope To God the horrible dreams DO NOT COME TRUE! I get erry gut feelings before something bad happens and I dont allways know what is about to happen, I just know to first ask god, for help to understand adn know what these feelings are about, or an extra blessing to keep us safe from whatever my feeling is warning me about. Ive had several feelings like these and its when i ignore them is when something happens or goes wrong, so I know to listen! No Matter What! If ud like to know more, just reply on your own page and ill help with what ever I can:) Good Luck to ya and in the future!

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