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Indigo Wisdom

by Carol
(New jersey)

It seems to me that more and more of us have had an ascension, calling, awakening, or whatever you'd like to call it yourself.

I've known for most of my life, that all of these coincidences, were far too many. But as it goes, I always dismissed, or just pushed it over to the side so to speak. (Like most of us have done!!) My Great Grandmother, an Italian American, was a wonderful friend and I visited her every day as a child, as a kid I did not fully understand the legacy she'd leave behind.

Maybe the start of my experiences was very early, age three to be exact. I had a tonsillectomy, it all went great and then I haemorrhaged. Dr's told my parents, "If we don’t transfuse her within twenty minutes, she's not going to make it." Although I'm not a rare type, they just didn't have enough in the hospital that particular day, what are the chances?? So blood was flown in, from an hour away and I made it.

I remember what happened before and after this trauma, but I don't know and will always wonder what happened in between, Hmmmm. I recovered, parents were forever grateful, but as I grew a bit older, I knew something was not quite right.

Yes I had many imaginary friends, and had many lucid dreams, but at that time I truly thought everyone did.

Always the know it all, always the Indigo

As a tween, life was pretty normal, we moved away from a city into the 'country' and at first this was devastating to me, it took me a good year to adjust to country life. I felt alone and a little afraid of making new friends. It was August, so there was no school yet, how was I to meet anyone? But eventually I did and what I discovered was the neighborhood consisted of no girls, just boys! There were 2 other girls I had yet to meet, but that came later. I had to make a choice, either make friends with these males or have no friends at all til school, I shut my eyes and dove right

Nicky, David, John, Rick, Tommy, all became friends with me, which was how I found the "girls", so it all worked out! We had great fun together, and was introduced to the 'woods', Tarzan swing, the creek etc. As I wandered, I began to feel closer to nature, animals, all wildlife and thought to myself "This is amazing", I finally began to love my new home, and felt connected for the first time, in my life. All of these things made me feel 'Happy' although I couldn't explain why? I felt keener, sharper, more in tune, with my surroundings, which I'd never felt before. I became the outdoorsman, whose Mother could never find, when she wanted her. From morning til night I stayed either with my friends or just wandered the hood looking and appreciating everything around me, it felt so good!

.....And just as I was becoming familiar 'School started up.....

7th grade was better than I thought it would be, I adjusted by November and knew the routine. I began making new friends and that was fine too. What I began to notice, was upon meeting someone, I would pass judgement, or just know, what kind of person they were. Odd, why would I think anything about someone I'd just met? Why do I feel I should be friendly with Mary, and stay away from Sue? Sometimes this would occur after just a few words, many times, no words at all! This is ridiculous, I don't even know them!! The fact of the matter was, I did, and more surprisingly, would later find out, that I was right.......

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Oct 29, 2013
I know what you mean..
by: LadyEyes

I too will meet people and instantly form an opinion about them. It's very difficult for me to get past these first impressions and almost always prove true somewhere down the road.

The same happens to me in certain locations like roads and houses-- for instance (and most often) that death or a terrible thing happened there.

I've had "bad feelings" about taking a job that turned out to be the worst job I've ever had. There was also an instance where I had a dream that I was driving in the interstate and should a avoid the far left lane while driving under bridges-- that i should pay attention. Months later, while driving home from seeing my godmother just before she passed, there was a heavy fog on the interstate. I was forced into the left lane and had a semi truck in front of me and to my right. Just as a bridge came over us, the truck in front of me slammed on his brakes. I was several more car lengths behind him than nessecary but because of the "warning". At the same moment the truck to my right turned on his blinker to merge. It would have crushed my car and myself right under the bridge in the far left lane.because of my overly cautious distance behind the semi, I was in the perfect spot for him to see me in his mirror. I knew the second it happened that my warning had been confirmed. It still surprises me when it happens. This is only one of several examples.

What I have discovered is that I can make things change in my own mind. For many years I felt trapped by these warnings as impending occurances. However, through counseling and The Lord, I know that I have control over my future. I feel indigos have more of this control than others.

Sometimes I feel like people stare at me, perfect strangers look at me like they know me. Many people have asked me this over the years. However, strangers seem to avoid me. They never get too close. Even friends keep a physical distance from me. I don't know why but it has always bothered me, I take it personally.

I wasn't popular in school but seem to make friends easily. How can people be drawn to me but physically stay their distance? Is it something to do with indigo? I don't know.

As far as our wisdom, I don't believe I am wise but I hope to be one day. I feel like my soul has been here before, that I know things I shouldn't know or understand concepts very quickly. A drawback is the extremely logical arguments I can have with employers, family and friends. I feel like a know it all sometimes and I don't like that about myself.

Nov 25, 2012
Indigo Wisdom
by: Carol

Well, I grew up ignoring what I was carrying around with me, like xtra baggage. In my teens, I realy had a difficult time. I had awoken one night from a deep sleep, with heart palpatations and went to my parents room for help. My father took me to the hospital, where I was given valium & told that this was something adolescence could bring on. The Dr. said I was fine not to worry, easy for him to say I suppose. Never did I experience anything so frightening, but I would later find out, this wouldn't be the last time either. As time went one, I took another trip from a warm bed to a cold hospital, and once again was told it was just a phase I would outgrow....My patience were becoming thinner. My Dr. had given me medication so I would no longer have to go to hospital in the middle of the night. Yes, It helped, but did not erase the problem. It also became evident, that my temper grew quite large, I noticed I was much more, quick to get angry, but didn't understand why? This lasted through my teen years & ruined a healthy relationship, I had with my dear friend Michael. After high school, I needed something to relieve me of the pain I endured through our breakup, I came across an ad for adult school, it was for meditation, so I took the class and enjoyed it very much. I practiced every day morning & night, many times falling asleep, but it helped so much, that I never wavered. Within a year of constant meditation, I had the experience of leaving my body & seeing myself lying on my bed, which was where I started in the first place. Somehow I knew & understood what was happening, however after realizing my OBE, I became afraid that I would not be able to get back inside of me. Needless to say, I rushed back and thought what the hell just happened??? Did this happen in seconds or minutes, & what did I just go through???? This is real, I'm not crazy, just had an experience that science has yet to explain. Where did I go? Who do I tell??? Yes, this really happened & it can to just about anyone!!

Nov 22, 2012
My indigo awareness going away?
by: Manajiwin

I have seen ghosts before and orbs of light and even sometimes cars that would disappear, and I used to hear ghosts to. But now that seems rare to me because I haven't heard or seen anything lately...... Hmmm can any of you guys give me tips and techniques to help me raise awareness and vibrations to help me see ghosts and etc . And I used to know what people was gonna say when they didn't say it. It was all in my head when they was about to say.

Sorry if I think I talk too much

Sincerely , Manajiwin.

The name means respect in ojibwe

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