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Indigo with an Angel

by Sharon
(PA (USA))

My grandmother died in 1994. I was in an abusive relationship at the time. My inner battle with wrong and right, led me to having a even harder time with her death. I wanted the strength to leave. Anything I ask for, I always receive. I held grandmas ring and said, "Walk with me, give me strength, just walk with me".

What was ahead for me was unbelievable. My grandmother began coming to me in dreams. I became stronger but also more unstable. I was hearing her voice and couldn’t tell anyone. I was also extremely psychic. I could read others minds and be right every time. I scared people so I had to be careful. I told my mom only things her and her mother knew. I held my mom; she said it was her mother’s arms. I knew of the future and could see well into the next ten years. The problem was it was all at once and it was like a meteor, it hit so hard. I couldn’t differentiate the time on the foreseen. I was admitted to the hospital and given drugs for schizophrenia. The drugs were too intense. When I was released the drugs were too strong. I didn’t need them. I’m not on any medications now and I live a full happy life. I am psychic and all the things I had seen 13 years ago have happened.

My ability began at the age of 6. I became very sick from a neglected ear infection. I couldn’t sit up. An angel came to me and said I was going to die. I pleaded with the angel and asked her to help me. The angel said if my mom came to pick me up from my dads I would live. The angel said she would go to my mom and ask her to help me. My mom came the next day like the angel said. I went to the doctor and found out I had sepsis. The doctor said one more day I could have died. I believe that same angel still gives me advice. The angels name is Elizabeth.

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Dec 22, 2007
Your Gift Is A Powerful Blessing
by: Anonymous

It appears that psychic openings are often linked with great pain. I also had my third eye blasted open by sorrow. The good thing is, once it is opened, it stays open because you acknowledge your new insight as gift.

Blessings, Blessings. You do not walk this path alone. There are many of us. We have much work to do in order to clear the path for spirit to be recognized in the world of force.

Peace and Good Day

Elaine G. Swenson

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