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Indigo With Imagination

by Jordan B.
(McPherson, KS, USA)

I don't know that I am an "indigo child" or "indigo adult". It's pretty difficult to explain. I come from a "not so great" background. My father's side of the family (divorced by my 1st year) were kind of like a "clan". You had to have my last name, my blood, to be a part. Nobody has ever been good enough.

Only recently did I find out much of this in my past, and the things that happened mentally.

My mother, she raised me alone, has always been an alcoholic. She seems to think many pieces of advice I gave her as a child were very deep. Such as advice I gave her when my younger brother's father packed his things and left without saying a word. I've never known where "my" advice comes from. It's just there.

I don't like diving into my entire background, because I know for sure I have not had it worse than so many other people on this earth. I have always been confused though. Why do I feel the way I do for all of life? All of life, plants, animals, and humans. I just hate to see anything suffer, and it depresses me often.

Often I feel like I just want to leave because things aren't getting better. But I know that I can't do that, there's something I am here to do. And that is for everybody to try to restore this planet to the way it was so long ago; when all of life flourished and lived in harmony. My hope never dies.

No matter how sad I start to feel, I know that it just takes a single mind to reach out. A single person to connect with other like minds, to create a movement that can change the world back to planet earth.

I've babbled too much.. I've just always felt out of place. I am also a somewhat confused person. One example.. I feel that I have an infinite amount of patience, when it is necessary. And I know that what is "necessary" is an opinion. I mean as in patience with children and their development, their tantrums. With knowing that if I just continue following what I believe can be done, it will. I feel like everything you can and cannot imagine is possible. All it takes is for us to get to those things we do not imagine, to then imagine, and then make possible. ........

Is anybody out there?

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