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Indigo Wolf Dance

by Sue
(Carson, CA - USA)

This Indigo Dances with Wolves.

This Indigo Dances with Wolves.

When I first heard about indigo people, I felt excited, wow I thought, sounds like my résumé. I love to be happy and full of joy, but to my surprise, so many people are not. I have always wondered why. That’s when I knew I seemed to be a lot different. I have always studied people, looking for some kind of spark of where they are coming from. I remember as a child, saying to myself, I am not going to be unhappy for anybody and I have been running from negative people ever since.

When I see humor in someone I’m so thrilled, I think “oh good, joy is so much fun”, and one persons happiness can make another person think happy thoughts too.

I also seem to be an empath, very sensitive to everyone around me; it’s just like being a large sponge. I have had many troubles in my life, but I am not unhappy, I keep pushing forward. I guess I’m child-like in my sprit, and I’m so glad I am, life would not be worth living without something to look forward to.

I do love to motivate people, I am a trainer, I work with overweight women, they have many issues, but some do real well and change there way of thinking, which I believe is the key to everything in life.

I have had many encounters with angels also. I have been divinely guided forever. We must listen to our spirit, what you see is not always, what’s inside of a person. So my message is you get what you look for. To anyone reading this I wish love and a new found joy. Happiness is a mind set, humor is there, just look for it. Love and Joy - Sue

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Oct 05, 2007
Wonderfully Put
by: Shannon

Wonderfully written. We must always look for the positive in life and let the negative go.
Spirits are all around us and they will guide us if we let them. We just need to open ourselves up and listen. You might be surprised what you hear.

Oct 03, 2007
I Like The Wolf

Wow dancing with wolves can be spiritual. But make sure you don't wear a red hood; that might cause problems. I love the picture; the moon is smiling as the wolf howls at him. Keep up the exciting journey you are on. Keep on loving. Bye for now - Angel

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