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by Jeannie

Hi, I just found this site and have only read a few of the postings so far. What I did read really hit home, so I thought I would post and see if any of my experiences sound familiar to others as well.

I first learned about Indigo children a few years ago, while looking for information regarding my son. (I think he is Indigo as well) As I continued to read and research I discovered that nearly all of the Indigo traits applied to myself as well. I did not give it much thought at that time, because I had read that these were "children" in their teens to early 20s, and this was around 2004. I just figured I was too old to be an Indigo.

More recently, I had met a young psychic that had given me some information on Indigo Adults, and I discovered I had been wrong in assuming the Indigos were just children!. (I was born in the 60s.)

I have scored highly as having Indigo traits (for example, 21 of 22 positive answers on one Indigo traits quiz). I did also take an Aura color test on-line and the test results came back as: Indigo 9, Sensitive Tan 6, Blue 6 and Crystal 4.

So by now I pretty much accept that I am an Indigo Adult and if it is true that you can see your own aura, I do believe I may be seeing Indigo (bluish-purple) color when I look at my own aura.

I also have sensitivities to environment, pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, etc. I get sick when there are drastic weather changes. I get physically sick if I am exposed to outdoor bug sprays or mosquito foggers etc. I have a hard time walking through any lawn chemical section in a store or using any type of harsh chemicals. I cannot drink water treated with chlorine. I can only drink purified water. (I am not too thrilled about any of the above, but I have learned to live with it, what else can you do? LOL)

I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in my late 20s, and I am now beginning to think being Indigo plays a part in that???

I have always noticed feeling different since I was younger. I also think that I have some traits or abilities of ESP, remote viewing, premonitions and psychometry. I don't know why, but these things are beginning to enhance. Regarding the psychometry, I think I am sensing through energy changes? (for example being able to pick an object out of a group of objects that I think is the correct one) I think I have always had tendencies towards these things and my recent studies have opened them up or something, but definitely I am noticing something going on!!

Well sorry this is getting kinda long so will go for now! Will be interesting in hearing any opinions or comments!

Warm Regards!


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Apr 27, 2009
Another Indigo Adult
by: Anonymous

Hi, like you, I recently found out that I am another older Indigo Adult (born in the 60s). Most of your experiences I have felt them. And even I have been diagnostized with the fibromialgia as well!

Like you, I tend to feel that many of my former "intuitions" that used to be always right, are getting stronger. I am beginning to have premonitions and some kind of clear energy changes consciesness that I did not have before. I can feel how other people are without talking to them, but after I got conscient about this "power" I am not afraid anymore. I began to accept what is in there, although it took time until I understand why I always felt different. Now, I think is time to enjoy life how it is, and to deal with as much positive changes as possible, instead of worrying to much about it. Good luck,

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