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Indigos Making ACTUAL Contact?

by Dhanna
(Portland, OR)

You all know my story - it's ultimately the same as yours. I found this site in an effort to make connections and while it is nice that this site offers the opportunity to share our stories, it does not provide any way to make actual connections.

Personally, it is the feeling of being all alone on this rock that makes me crazy. I don't need to share my story with a bunch of people who can't reach out and connect.

I really wish the moderator of this site would create a means for contact.

In light,


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Nov 02, 2017
How can we all connect?
by: Morgan

I mean with the technology these days we can do anything. But the question still remains how can we channel all Indigos? How can I reach out to them and maybe even meet them. It is true we all feel so alone in this ascension process. We need each other. Any suggestions? I am open to ideas. I am a woman living in Louisiana and I feel like no one around me understands.

Jan 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

Contact me... PLEASE lol I am having the same yearning to connect. It's almost like being away from family you miss... but have never met... does that sound crazy.


May 09, 2012
I want to connect with others like me!
by: Psychicblue

Hi to everyone! With Love I have to say...

I have the same abilities as the majority of you and do not need to read your stories to know it! LOL

I want to meet others like me and I am like them.

Feb 16, 2012
contact me
by: Indigo Bo

my e-mail is email me and maybe together we can get something working

Nov 12, 2011
Yeah your right
by: Ken

I knew I was different in my own world helping people , i thought I was the only one like me until I met a lady and she knew what I was and we got on so well for a week , we had strong connections but we never met, now she is gone and I'm alone again , why do I feel so lonely all the time , we need a chat site do we can search for our other flame .

Dec 06, 2010
by: Jessie

I agree with you. We need some kind of indigo facebook. It is strange though how we see a world full of spirits, yet we feel so alone. I like to think of it as having super powers just to put a nice spin on things. We can do and see things that others can only imagine. I hope you can make real contact, good luck and God bless. : )

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