Indigos Travel With Angels

by Sue Mackinga
(Carson, CA - USA)

Hi I have always known God and I have been so-called psychic all my life. I see spirits and angels; it is a natural thing for me. My story holds many so called miracles, what is natural to me is weird to others. I have been lead by angels all my life.

The hardest thing I find is trying to explain to people, they just don’t get it and that is very frustrating. I am always drawn to help people in trouble, the so-called under dog is always my best friend, I don’t always like this because they can be very hateful and usually have no sense of spirit.

I have always traveled by my spirit’s guidance but a child it was difficult, so many mean people, who didn’t seem to care about love at all. That really threw me off. I could look deep into people and see them, they seemed mad most of the time. I could not understand why. I still have problems with that. I believe God has a purpose for all of us. I was born in 1949 and I always felt very different but I have an inner joy no matter what happens. When I experience sadness, it is so deep, I must get out of quickly, because it is dangerous for me and my spirit, and I know this.

Just like many other indigo children, I did terrible in school and was diagnosed ADD. I’m lucky I can read and spell because I was always looking out the window, maybe at a butterfly, maybe day dreaming, I was always so bored.

I was interested in music and dance. I love music sooooo much that every year I would enter the school talent show; I lived for that, it was the only thing I really loved to do.

I know I am an indigo, and I have a greater purpose. I am fully awake today, and I have a lot of work to do which I look forward too. Love Sue

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Feb 07, 2009
ignorance is bliss
by: lady neptune

Hello, just a quick comment. Those of us connected to the higher power - God if you prefer - have always struggled and been treated like asylum escapees by those with little or no faith/knowledge. I too feel like people roll their eyes in disbelief, and i simply have shut down to people who are unreceptive. I'm not ashamed, however i respect that they vibrate at a different frequency - and that's ok. As a child i didn't know there was us and them, now my perception is tuned i know immediately who is 'open'. You mentioned dance and music, very strong throat chakra urges... keep on feeding the soul what it craves... i know you are thankful for your gift, remember as an indigo you are a leader, silence is a powerful tool in this age of noise.

Feb 23, 2008
by: Sashen

Hey dear, I'm 15 you are just like me in every way I'm just glad I know I'm not alone.

Sep 04, 2007
ADD - Angelic Developed Direction
by: ZorbaZiv

Indigos and ADD seem to go together so let's call it Angelic Developed Direction.

Great story Sue. Thanks for shinning this way.

I'm an Indigo with Angelic Developed Direction too! :-)

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