Jamaican Indigo,

by Exile

( a true story)

( a true story)

A couple years ago I found the term indigo, and like many of you I took the tests and yeah sure enough, I answered yes to all of the questions. But I just want to say, I think there is much more than meets the eye with these terms. But let me tell you a little about me first.

I’m a Scorpio, recording artiste, poet, son, brother, 28 years old, and currently residing in Kingston Jamaica.

I solemnly guarantee you I’m not from a rich background, as you can imagine living in a third world country in these times is ridiculously hard, although there are times where I wouldn't trade Jamaica for the world.

I’m from what people classify a broken home, my parents divorced when I was like 4, and dad even married twice after, and still failed lol.

Music was my initial outlet for unresolved feelings that was more like therapy at the time. But I was always an intuitive child, quick to pick up on things people would say or do, and see a way deeper meaning than they knew it themselves.
Things were pretty much the same until three main things happened that changed my life completely.

2. 9/11
3. The term: ILLUMINATI

If your third eye is open, you might see where I’m going with this.. So needless to say months even years of research has been done on my part, to answer something so sublime, serious and yet so stupid, I still cant find the answer,

Am I in the matrix, am I a "NEO" type person?

What can I do to combat the dark side?

And is it my right to wake people up to a David Ike, Alex Jones, David Wilcock type reality?

This is my beef with the whole thing called the new age movement. Which in essence is Hinduism / Buddhism / and to a higher degree MAGIK.

Now hold on hold on, I know most of you out there think magic’s cool, its out there in movies, cartoons, Halloween, comics, etc. But I recently watched a youtube link with a retired Satanist and he was like.. it’s all Satanism, from you believe anything other than Jesus Christ, ur finished..

I was like wow, talk about a real conspiracy theory. It made me think. As for me, I was a Christian but I just couldn't hold onto the fact that I’d burn FOREVER if I wasn't completely pure. For you see as much as I am a Neo type person, I do drink/smoke/sex/cuss etc.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but see with me its 12.15 in the morning and coffee's wearing off lol.

Do you believe in fairies, angels, demons, how bout the devil himself? Well, even if you don’t rest assured the dark ones do. And you better be prepared to combat them how ever you can!!

I meditate, try to open my pineal gland, used to be into the charka thing, kind of stopped, keep a journal, of past and current events as reference, and even try to predict something for the next day, by writing in my journal what I think might happen, (without watching the news).

Some of you out there might be wondering what to do now that you have this indigo power some of you might be more in tune than others, but I know one thing for sure, something that has elevated all of our awareness to something greater in us and out there in the universe.

What’s that? Surviving the year 2012. Dumdumdum! Actually life will go on, but look at it as this is the planet telling the last of the "light workers" to step up to the plate. You and me, we all have a roll to play here. And it’s said nothing happens by chance. {11.11} I just want to help raise our awareness as well, united we stand divided we fall.

I’m looking for high level indigo's to talk and share info with on a kind of watchmen type vibe.

My email address is: exilethegreat @ gmail.com

What do I mean by high level?
Hmm - I’d say there are about 10 levels - 10 being the highest.

I will explain:

1. Hydromancy/Apantomancy
2. Lucid dreamers
3. Aura readers/Oracles
4. Card readers/Scrying
5. Clairvoyants
6. Reiki healers (important)
7. Empath/sensitives
8. e.s.p
9. Remote viewers
10. Telekinesis/Telepathy

Of course this is subject to discussion, because others might say: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairsentient, are just as important. But for my purposes I’d like to talk with level 5’s and up.

Well thanks for hearing my babbling, hope you got something out of it. If not, then just at face value, try and be a better person each year, and help at least one person in your life, be more alert, and humble in all endevours..

Yours truly..

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