Julianna Psychic Medium

by Sharon
(Brisbane, Australia)

I attended a "Soul Friday" evening with Psychic Julianna. Unfortunately my poor friend asked a question to Juliana her reply was unbelievable where does she pluck this rubbish from. The way she answered the question was like she was scolding a child, a personal attack on someone on something she obviously had no knowledge of because everything she said could not have been further from the truth!!! It took all my self control not to interrupt and stop her and correct her rant. Looking back I wish we had just walked out...should have!!! Even the lady sitting next to my friend asked if she was okay after the crap that spewed out of a Juliannas mouth. We left at half time but on the way out stopped and chatted to other audience members who had also decided to leave who were equally appalled and used words like shark and money hungry and disgusting to describe Psychic Julianna. Needless to say we will never be attending again as I never want anything to do with such nastiness in my life again.

She spewed forth a lot of rubbish in her rant which I cant even remember now because nothing said was worth taking on board. But all that was said was way off target.

On these nights more care should be taken to really watch what is said to people and how they are put down... Thankfully my friend zoned out as she could see Juliannas answer for what it was – a nasty jealous spewing of unsubstantiated rubbish. I really don’t know who this ‘psychic’ thinks she is and where she gets off saying such rubbish to people. The nasty opinionated comments made about other countries (specifically Indonesia) should be kept out of the public forum also. She can think what she likes but keep it out of the public forum... no one knows peoples heritages and comments like that could really insult audience members. I also remember a prediction she made years ago about the English channel tunnel a terrorist attack... nothing happened, tunnel still there (thank God). Need I say anymore. The rude way she carried on about an audience members phone going beep was so rude and unprofessional. Was her nasty rant to my friend because we were late to the event... I think it was and I believe there was a lot of spite because of that. She really thinks and acts so full of her own self importance and thinks she is some sort of Queen. When really she is just plain nasty and money grabbing.

I am thankful I found out early in the piece that Soul Fridays and Psychic Juliana is not what they seem to be and she is only in it to make money and to keep right away from her.

Please take care in what is said to other people...they may not be as smart as my friend and may actually listen and take comments made on-board. More consideration should be given by Psychic Julianna to people and their feelings.

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Too sad
by: Ms Starr

I agree, this gift was given to us to use for good. Self serving it was never meant for. I learn that years ago when i was a child. I am so sorry this happened to you. I never ask for money. I never need to speak to you. I just read you and help.

Sorry this happened to your and you
by: Ms. Starr

I don't approve of people who use their gift for personal gain. I have never asked for money. My gift was given to me to help others. I see that you need help and then I help. It is that simple. I read people and see spirits, with the help of my guide. My guardian Angel who speaks to me and shows me things. I relay this to the person in need. I don't even need to speak to you. If you have a question of any kind I will try to help. And again no money exchange is done. Again I am so sorry.

Bad Customer Service
by: Anonymous

I rang through to her psychic line. She scolded me like I was a child and when I didn't agree and told her that she was incorrect she hung up on me. I called through to receptionist to ask for money to be returned as I hasn't finished the allocated time. They accused me of being abusive. Julianna you give all psychics that come from a high vibration a bad name. Shame on you and the negativity you represent. Karma will catch up with you for that I am sure.

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