Just Discovered I Am Indigo Adult

by Gareth Partridge
(Wales, UK)

It’s hard to lay it down fluently so I will just name a few symptoms I believe to have. I love to write music, I can pick up on peoples energy and almost read their mind, sensitive to electronic equipment for instance if my pc is running slow I can shine the mouse light at the back of the pc and it will speed up, I guess its feeding of the light energy. Lately the more I accept being an indigo adult the more I feel people draining my energy and sending me threatening vibes I believe in order to control me because there scared of finding their own freedom instead of having the government do it for them, they need conformity because not to sound too harsh but I believe they’re scared of life, sorry to sound to negative. I also had a dream where I was experiencing what my friend did on holiday I felt the vibe the emotions and the actions that took place, later finding out what I dreamt was true, I dream lucid. I would love to speak to someone about being an indigo finding someone like me is a godsend love to all hope you have great day love peace and freedom oh yeah please excuse the pic it was a shot from my failed boyband dim deep in mysery I know.

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