Just found out I'm an Indigo

by Jenny

Last week I was in Oregon, visiting family. We went to Seaside (just south of Astoria) and I passed this psychic building a few times and eyed it each time I passed. Finally, the little voice in the back of my mind talked me into going in and seeing her. When I met her, I was blown away. She was my age, and wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Long story short, not only did every single thing she said about my past prove to be true, she also told me I was an Indigo Child. She stated that I have very strong psychic capabilities, but that I've pushed them away. She asked me how many times I've answered the phone before it rang, how often did I know who it was before I saw the id, how many "gut" feelings I've had...And gave me a knowing smile. She said I was missing my indigo chakra, and that in order to regain my psychic abilities I had to replace it. The indigo chakra being the third eye chakra. I still havent done that yet. But I plan on it. She said that at about ten years old I pushed that chakra away, however the remaining seven I had and that they were strong. I told her about the time that I was about 9 years old and my grandmother had taken me to have my aura photographed. The woman did not even want to take my picture she said, because all kids auras come out red because they are so full of unbound energy. Grandma talked her into taking the photo, and suprise suprise, my aura was completely gold. Totally gold. Which is divine intuition, enlightened, etc. Zorina smiled, and told me to go home and read up on Indigo Children, that in the late 70s and early 80s there was a huge movement. (I was born in march of 83)

I dont attempt to make any claims of being psychic, however I do seem to attract spirits to every household in which I live, and I do have gut feelings about alot of stuff. She told me I have the capabilities to become a very very strong psychic, I just have to learn how to use it, open up the flood gates so to speak, and regain my third eye/indigo chakra because it's totally gone. I asked her if it being gone was the cause of the wierd tingly feeling in the area between my eyebrows just above eyebrow level. She said it probably was. My thing is, are there any excercises to increase psychic abilities, get it back? How do I bring back what I've pushed away? And how do I bring back my chakra?

Understanding Chakra Meanings and Chakra Healing.

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Jun 01, 2010
by: Susan

I encourage you to forget the label, but do know you are intuitive. Your name is sufficient enough for a label in all matters!

Having been in the field for several decades, and now work exclusively with people who are seeking to understand their abilities to link with the spirit world, there are a few writers and sites I trust.

Sonya Choquette's books are in the form of workbooks and she is very good.

John Holland's books and weekly radio shows are excellent sources of info.

www.edgarcayce.org is an excellent and long time source of information about many topics.

Be careful with your journey... it is important to be safe as this is powerful stuff and works with your central nervous system.

Susan Gale

May 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Your mind/body/spirit balance is out of whack. You have numerous resources at your disposal to bring things back in harmony.

First; chemistry is the 1st step. Most people don't know this but aluminum in it's many forms are all neurotoxins, and prevent psychic abilities. Every deodorant in Target has loads of the stuff. non-calcium based baking riser has it. Non dairy creamer has it. Also the many names of msg, also hydrogenated oils, and even some food colorings will cause problems with brain chemistry.

Once you're past all that, eating right, plenty of antioxidants, you need to keep fit. Pain actually changes the chemical balance in your brain.
Next comes meditation and or proper sleep. During the day you might just take 60 to 120 seconds of your time to close your eyes and focus very hard imagining a black space with a calm thin blue line of a horizon. Your psychic power can be prophetic if you train yourself during the waking moments from sleep to recall dreams in specific ways. I did this and found I can locate places I dream about on maps now using street names and numbers.
Above all, stay in shape and eat fresh ground garlic mixed with good cod liver oil. Not only does it prevent cancer, it replenishes what your skin looses in the shower, and keeps cells healthy.

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