Kendra an Indigo.

by Kendra Mae Ansersen
(Elizabethton TN Carter County)

I never knew that there was a specific term for being a child with unusual gifts. I am seventeen. My mother’s ancestors shaped our future. For generation after generation females in my family get gifts if they use them they flourish with brilliant potential. My mom and grandma knew about what could happen if they did not teach me to respect these gifts and use them well with care. When we were moving from California to Arizona my family was at a motel. Everyone except my mom who was in the shower was asleep including myself my mom was getting out and heard a male call my name i suddenly burst out of bed and asked "Mom did you call me???" I was five at the time looking back I now realize this was a special moment for me.

At age ten I move from California to Tennessee I grow up as a normal child then in eighth grade after I quit going to church I hear a telepathic voice in my head. It is male. He said , "I am your spiritual guide."

I was so astonished I talked to him all night. He was named Musheshe it means protector in a long forgotten language. It was my nickname for him. He was very gentle and guided me with care. And has taught me how to respect every being. Because they are older than us and deserve respect. My mom has refused to teach me saying she does not want me to go to a "dark" place. I can see outlines of beings, heal, see a few minutes in the future have can see others dreams and precognitive dreams, tarot, spells(good and bad), I am friends with all animals wild and domestic, see auras, make flowers bloom, and basically anything i put my mind to, I can telepathically talk with spirits off all types. I can use a pendulum (not often), I can sense if spirits are telling the truth, and if people have a past life or if someone is not telling the truth, and can help send spirits to the afterlife and heal them as well. I have an affinity in nature. As of late i have beings following me but it comforts me but they are growing very restless and starting to move things which they think is funny, which I can see how it is but others might not appreciate their games and jokes as much as me.

In the town I live in this is not at all accepted so I have a very difficult time fitting in. the few friends i have are very good and are always there when it gets rough. I have been harassed outside of my workplace and spoken ill of by everyone. Not many people in town like or want to get to know me. This makes it hard to get a date as well. Rumours follow me down school halls. People who do not know me well now do not want to at all. It has made me a stronger person. It is hard but it will be worth it when i am older and a success.

The reason I believe I am able to do this much is because of a past life or a multitude of them, because otherwise I would not be able to do all these. I am seventeen but act like I am much older I am very old fashioned. One of my co-workers thought I was 23 when I was 16.It just goes to show how much more mature I am than my peers. It is a blessing and a curse. I have grown thankful for it either way.

These are my gifts and I would not have it any other way.

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Aug 29, 2012
Wow. Just wow.
by: Madison

Just email me.

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