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Lilly Experienced Psychic Medium Clairvoyant Healer

by Lilly

Lilly Psychic Medium

Lilly Psychic Medium

Lilly is a very experienced and sympathetic Medium and Healer. She has always been psychic from a small child and has always been predicting events with her gift for insight.

Lilly believes in the power of God and is a natural healer who can contact the spirit world and bring through survival evidence of loved ones that have passed. This brings a lot of comfort to the sitter. Lilly can look into any area of your life with the help of her Spirit and Angel guides and give a very helpful, uplifting reading. Lilly will use her clairvoyance to see images, scenes and people that are connected with your life and is able to give information about your past, present and future. Lilly can also give names of people and places that are connected with you which gives a clear reading to the sitter.

Lilly was able to predict which Television programmes were going to be on when she was a teenager. Lilly has an ability to see spirit and hear them as well. Lilly has predicted many world events with her insight. Lily works closely with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metetron and Uriel.

Highly intuitive, Lilly can sense people’s thoughts and feelings which makes her understanding to the sitters problems. With the help of Angel and Tarot cards, she can give insight and advice from the spirit world about the problems in your life.

Sometimes people stumble and need some guidance in their life, Lilly can help with love and compassion. Feel free to ask Lilly any questions.

Lilly is available for private readings, phone readings, party bookings and corporate events.

Tel: 07826742429
Email: maryeyetwo @

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