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Little Indigo Warrior

Deep inside I always knew I am an indigo but never knew the 'label'. I have had all the experiences from meeting angels, demons attempting to alter my life, seeing and feeling spirits! I have always felt different and as a child was told I was special over and over again. I have a very strong presence people feel me before they see me.

My life has been nothing but very strange, when I explain things that have happened to me to my friends and relatives they look at me as if I'm from a different planet.

I rarely meet people who understand me, however I met another indigo last month we actually picked up on each other’s auras. As I walked around the street corner I felt him and he felt me and we looked straight into each other’s souls and he told me I was an indigo. He told me that I have been constantly attacked and may be losing my gift. We spoke for hours and I never knew there were other people like me on this earth that were like me! I even cried!

Lol I also have a little 3 year old brother who is a strong indigo warrior I know for sure! He even asks me “don’t you know who I am?” He is 3! He tells me he sees spirits n feels them! I have never told my brother I also have the same experience! I know this sounds strange but I feel as if he is older than me at times. He is so strong and confident at just three this child speaks of things nobody has taught him. He tells my mum going to nursery is stupid because all the children are stupid! Lol I also felt this way I could never understand why the children at my nursery sat and ate crayons whilst I asked for paint to try and draw Chinese letters that I had no I idea where I had seen before.

At the moment my life feels as if blocks have been put up and I am not reaching my full potential I would love to start my own creative company and a charity. Do any other indigos have any advice fo myself and little brother?

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Aug 29, 2012
Email me!!
by: Madison

Ur brother must be nurtured or he'll forget with time! Also just email me.

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