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Looking For An Indigo Career Path

by Chris Lewis
(Richmond Hill, (ON), Canada)

Identifying with

Identifying with "Indigo" phenomenon

I'm not really into labeling, but let's just say if you are going to label me (or I'm going to label myself), I'd prefer indigo to attention deficit disorder, major depressive disorder or mentally handicapped or disabled. As far back as I can remember I felt different in some way (sucked at sports), couldn't even watch a sporting event never mind play sports.

As a kid I sure didn't want to be different. I hated myself with a passion and thought about suicide on and off since about age 14. My mind always in the clouds and I was told I was lazy by my teachers and parents. I had trouble with dating, too shy to meet up with girls in that way, besides I didn't think sex was all that great anyway, it was just something you did to prove you weren't gay.

I started asking serious questions around 20 about the way society was run. I identified with the 1960s counterculture movement and believed that capitalism was to be brought down ASAP.

I had at least three major breakdowns in my 20s, when I became overwhelmed about environmental issues to the point where I could no longer function normally, and when my parents got sick (and my dad died) occurring between ages 22-27.

Over some of this period it was not so much a breakdown as chronic overwhelming anxiety. Around age 28-29 I went to the hospital because I felt like jumping off a highway overpass. Luckily I didn't and my life has been getting better ever since.

I finally moved out of my mom's house at age 30 to start taking care of my self. I started having telepathic messages (so challenging to figure out what's just ego and what's your higher self talking!!) and peaceful states during meditation. There is a lot I have learned like to take responsibility for myself, not to blame people for my problems and to love myself and others unconditionally. I'm still not as good at any of these as I'd like to be, but that's just part of the process.

Right now, I'd like to find my career path but highly doubt that I will find it as a traditional "job", particularly since I have such difficulty in the competitive mainstream labor market. I would like to use what I have learned for the highest good, for me as well as others. I see myself combining different skills to create a fulfilling career. I do not see myself as becoming strictly a psychic, for instance, I want to take things a step further, such as helping people develop psychic abilities, but maybe using a traditional field such as counseling, or maybe something far out.

Right now, I know I have talents, I just can't see a way to use them to create a job or career. Career counseling has not helped, because there is still too much pigeonholing for my liking (maybe you should be a such and such). It interests me, but doesn't excite me.

If you have gotten through this whole spiel I thank you and appreciate it. I hope you have learned something from it. I will also check out the rest of this site.

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Jan 30, 2017
Idigo Carreer
by: Anonymous

Hi guys. Just to let you know that we all have the same issues. Hanna, our life has too many things in common. I'm 33. Very talented in different aspects but not a clue what career path to follow. I also struggle to get money from people due to ethical values. I also struggle to follow a traditional marriage path. I can't even be in a relationship for more than a few months. Any suggestions?

Jul 23, 2015
Hello friend!
by: Hannah Cox

Hey Chris, it was quite interesting to know so much about you. You are really ambitious and I am sure you will find your destiny soon. You seems quite confused regarding your career.

Definitely career counseling will help you to find your goal. I was also much confused while choosing my career objective but Career Coach Training from helped me a lot and today I am a successful IT professional.

I think you should also take the help of a coach. Good luck for your career.

Thanks for sharing your life story.

Jun 22, 2015
Career developing tips
by: Allen Crook

Career building is a good choice for every student; in most of the occasion we have found that students are looking for different career developing opportunities through different sources. Basically after completing studies it is quite essential for a student to look over different career developing opportunities. It is quite natural that people are suffering from different problems like depression and frustration if they are not able to build a suitable career.

May 13, 2012
Waiting to bloom....
by: Kaylor

Hi Chris,
I know how you feel. I've never fit in. Never found my life path. Never felt like I had any gifts or talents to work with. I'm good at everything, but great at nothing. I feel like I'm still "waiting to bloom."

The way the world has become, and the people, it's very frustrating. Everything is going all wrong! I feel like I should be doing something about it. But what?

I wish you many blessings on your journey. Never give up on yourself. Your purpose will find you!

Apr 13, 2012
Great Article
by: Amari

I connect with a lot of your experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Jul 18, 2010
Indigo Career Response
by: Anonymous

I can't even begin to tell you how much I connect with what you are saying. I'm 35, Indigo, extremely talented (3 languages fluently, Degree in Mathematics, Musician educated in Berklee College of Music, etc.), but I can't figure out what to do with my life!!!

It's agonizing to be an Indigo. Nothing satisfies me. I'm starting to think that being an Indigo is a curse! I have seen a multitude of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Councellors, Career Services, etc. and nothing helps.

I am beyond frustrated.

I started a little Facebook group you are all invited to join, to meet other Indigos, and to discuss our curse/gift.

Group: Indigo Network



Mar 19, 2008
Reminds me of myself in many ways
by: star

Thanx for putting this out. Its good to know I'm not alone. Love to you xx.

Feb 15, 2008
Can Relate To Your Story
by: Suzi

I have a story that is similar to yours.. I'm 34 nearly 35, single, living in a small room and have struggles with a career path also with my talents. For now I am making my own music and using other creative abilities with graphics, poetry etc. with the hope that maybe this will lead to me being able to be recognized for the things I can do not the things I can't or find difficult to sustain.

I wish you all the best with your journey as I am on mine and remember you are not alone and gifted! Just use these gifts and I'm sure you will achieve more than you think is possible.

Kind regards


Dec 08, 2007
Indigo Opportunity
by: ZorbaZiv

Hi Chris,

I have something that may well be suitable for your Indigo Career Path. If you take a look at the Intuitive Promptings tab on the left menu bar and read through the info on that page you can then let me know if you would like to become part of a new Indigo Team I am developing. Take the free trail it leads you too or use the Contact ZorbaZiv link near bottom of Left Menu bar, and let me know your interest and I will call you and explain in more detail.

Dec 06, 2007
Struggling To Find The Light
by: Molly - Kansas City

I feel at times so connected and spiritual and loving being a part of this life. But sometimes I really struggle in this world; I'm sure like all of you at times. I need help how to heal these wounds within me.

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