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Lost Indigo Soul

by Natalie

This morning I sat by my desk watching a cartoon on my computer... nothing unusual when an extreme weave of emotion overcame me it felt like I was going to burst in tears it was almost painful and then after a few seconds it was gone as if nothing happened. I have experienced this a lot in the past 2 or 3 years and it becomes more and more common so I decided to research this and this is how I came across the term of 'Indigo child' or 'Light-workers'.

Many things seem to become clear, like why have I been described as an 'old soul' by many people, why I have always felt too old for my teenage years (I am now 19). Recently I also began to feel as if i could access past lives memories which scares me. For example recently I have been waiting for a train and just as an express train was passing the station I got a random flashback of death by jumping in front of a train. I feel as if I tried to access memories I could, as if they were just under the surface but I seem too scared to try.

I have always had a deep understanding of the world and the way it works and is full of energy, I can understand it but it seems to be beyond words to describe it. For a while now I seem to realise that I attract 'lost souls', people who are broken and looking for support which usually leaves me emotionally drained. I also have a keen ability to read persons emotions and even personality and can always easily tell if someone is laying to me.

I can never leave a house without picturing walls made of light around me as if I was scared of other peoples energy or emotions reaching me. I thought I might be an empath or maybe psychic to some degree but after reading the descriptions of Indigo awakening traits it seems to fit me perfectly. I am not yet sure if I am right especially since I was never diagnosed with ADHD or Autism that seem to have links to the Indigo phenomenon so I would like to ask if there is anywhere I could possibly access more information? Or maybe someone could help me determine what exactly am I and what does it mean?

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Jun 19, 2015
Lonely lil indigo
by: Laura

Last night I stumbled across YouTube that brought me to the terminology, "indigo children" which had finally brought more peace of mind. I thought I had a mental issue and that I had pushed away my friends in the process of finding my spirituality. If any indigos are in need of a friend like myself, emails are appreciated. My email is;
Blessings to you all, indigos unite.

May 06, 2013
Your answer
by: Starr

I read what you wrote and can tell you are a reader. I am also a reader and have been all of my life. And you are right about being a magnet for those who are lost souls. Becuase you can feel their energy you are simpothetic to what they need to hear. The flashes become more clear as you get older. It is like you are watching a movie in parts. These are not your own memories they belong to some one else. Write down what you see and keep a record of all of them. I get flashes that I wish I didn't. I saw the space shuttle Chalenger explosed, knowing I could not change what was going to happen. I saw a small girl murder and know what day they would find her body, where it was and postion she was is. I could see who did it. I told my husband and asked why me. I feel it was aformation that I was not crazy. As you get older you will learn how to control your gift. If ever you are confused ask your guide/angel to show you more or what they are trying to tell you. It does help. You are a bit older then when I had my awakening but if you have any questions you can ask anyone here. We do listen.

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