Marijuana Smoking Indigo Longs to Work at NASA

by Trevor N

I have horrible spelling skills being very dyslexic, so bear with me. I’m going to spare you the story that you have probably heard a million times before, it does not matter how I found out or when or even why, I’m an indigo child, so let’s cut to the chase.

I’ve always had a fascination with theoretical physics, astronomy and psychology, and long to work at NASA, and have smoked marijuana since the 8th grade. Through psychedelic experiences, that I understood to be more than just a "trip" and my brains need to explain things, I took an interest in psychedelics. This led me to discover things like other dimensions, ascension, fractal geometry, and inter dimension beings.

I have a logic and reasoning IQ of 180 something, but pretty much average in things like mathematics or whatever. So what am I here to talk about?

I’m only 16, and take interest in all these things that make me "weird", but the way I see it I just want to (and feel a strong urge to) understand the world and universe and even the dimensional plain I exist in, what’s wrong with that?

I never felt like I belong to any specific group, other than the couple of musicians I hang out with, being a guitarist and pianist myself. So what I’m here to say is I simply NEED someone to talk to, I want to relate for once. So please somebody who feels the same way, somebody with a reasonable brain help me understand who I am as an indigo child. This life is confusing.

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Oct 18, 2014
by: SOL


Nov 06, 2012
I understand
by: Kelvin

I completely feel you, I am a 18 year old indigo and I'm still trying to figure everything out, I'm also having a hard time, feel free to hit me up


Aug 29, 2012
Email me, we can talk
by: Madison

Trust me... I'm smart

I smoked a 4:20 AM bowl for u!

Apr 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Trevor,

You don't want to work for NASA. NASA's agenda is wack! They have been lying to us for a very long time. It is just a cover-up operation. You work for truth and honesty. Just wait a little longer.... More options will become available in time. For now jus meditate! We need your HELP!  Also I would recommend switching from smoking to eating.... If at all possible. It is a cleaner longer lasting way.

Feb 27, 2012
you belong more than you know
by: Angelica-J

Hey Trevor,
I'm Angelica,I can relate of course different stories but i do understand somewhat in craving having that connection with someone you can honestly converse with even if it includes the random and bizarre questions and or topics that at times we need to verbalise to understand.
I am a child of the light or Indigo either one and i totally get how school completely does not suit at times, I also knew I was smarter than the marks and results on my tests and exams, i have an great understanding of the world around and possibilities but not so much math :) and not being the "norm" made me stand out as if i wasn't clever. I have a small social group who i do feel very comfortable with but it is not as if i can wear my indigo opinion around them because they are sheltered and not open to what i see, i mean all through high school i had dreams about situations that eventually happened and my friends just slammed it as being really weird, now that I'm newly 21 i have a better caution setting on topics that maybe to much for some to handle. I am really happy to talk if you need someone to relate to nothing is too "crazy" and i accept what you believe and what you want to know. Also a good book to read is TheCelestineProphecy there are two more books with that as well thay are great books about personal and universal energies it enlightening and a fun read.
P.s - I'm not saying you shouldn't smoke weed(blah blah) but if you can work out a way to tap into your higher self without it you will feel really empowered and also it clouds your perceptions of what is shown to you .
:) Angelica-

Dec 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Same. this worlds f***ed.

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