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Maybe I am Indigo

by Maria U
(London. UK)

Good day to all. My name is Maria. Recently I was looking for Wicca videos on youtube, and link by link I came to psychic woman, who told her story of development, she was really cute, and in one of her videos I found Indigo traits, so after browsing several websites, I can see that I can apply most of characteristics to my personality, I can say even -all of them, though I don't like to put something under list.

Since I was a child I was different, I changed 4 schools because I always had problems with teachers and fellow pupils. At the same time, I wanted to be like everyone else, but I am so vain.

I am lucky to have a wonderful Mom, who is very intelligent and she has planted a seed of astrology and spirituality in me.

Since I am about 12 I was very good at astrology, I could see star signs of people without knowing people; later closer to university age, I was doing palm reading but I am not a professional.

My life changed when I was 19, I moved to other country alone, I did not have support; I got acquainted with many evil, bad people. At about 22 I started to learn Reiki, which came very accidentally, this learning helped me a lot half a year later when I was abused.

Now I am 25, my life is not a diamond but I think about utopistic things, about world order, I know I am on a pathway that leads to spiritual development.

In the present, I see vivid dreams every night, there is no night in my life that is dreamless, little by little I can control what I do in my dreams, it is like a different world, where I am happy to come back every night, I am still good at astrology but think this is a punishment for me. I love life, I love people no matter what, though life taught me not to trust people.

I do tarot readings sometimes not for work, just for someone who needs. I am not confident to do it, but they say I am good, even better than my Mom. :) Many times I encountered psychic experiences but I forget.

I dream a lot about blue sky, eternal nature, and living creatures, wish everyone could see this beauty.
I dream that by force of Light I and others could revitalize planet and everything on earth to start from divine beginning.

I am very lonely, I don't have friends, and I try to find people who will understand me. But it is difficult. I study a lot, and grow and find ways to hearts. But I am still lonely..... And cry often-sentimentality. :)

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