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Maybe Indigo Maybe Not

by Megan
(Trenton, MI)

My name is Megan and I was born on 4-19-1988. It is 4 in the morning and before tonight, I have never heard the term Indigo/Crystal Child/Adult. I am however an active seeker for information on anything psychic related and I guess the checklists and terms would come across my research someday and after reading the characteristics, I can't help but think I may fall into this as well.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 4 years old. I was never medicated until I was a Junior in high school. However, by then I was already aware that I was majorly different from everyone else. I was a quiet kid with an abusive mother. I had to keep in line lest I get a belt across the thigh or a hanger thrown at me.

When my little sisters and brother were born, I could communicate with them before they spoke words. I've always been spiritual. I've never completely believed in the bible or a single "God". I was drug to the Episcopal church every Sunday growing up. I gave up organized religion when a baptist told me I was going to hell because I was baptized by an Episcopal church. I never felt at place in any church I went to. It always felt more like a bunch of people listening to a guy talk for 3 hours for no reason except to reaffirm life lessons they should know already. And indeed it was.

As my school career went on, I went from straight A's in my early years to C's in 7th grade to D's and E's in high school. It's not that I was ignorant, I did the work. I just never turned it in.

I am considered creative. I like to draw, paint and create music. I don't like playing music that isn't made up by me though. I'm horrible at reading sheet music so I tend to play my trumpet off the top of my head, letting the tunes flow as they please. I paint abstract art and sketch people.

I have several friends now who refer to me as a "Psychic Battery". I've been known to walk into a room and change the mood. One friend of mine, no matter how tired he is, only has to text message me and he says he's full of energy. This has been proven several times by the sheer amount of time he spends up with me after I begin speaking with him. I think this may be part of why I stop watches whenever I wear them. I have a high amount of energy, and I can slip into meditation with ease.

I came across the Indigo people and it sparked my interest because of a story an old (ex)friend of mine told me at one point when I was in high school, the same story that sparked my interest in psychic phenomena and eventually led me here.

While he didn't say he was an Indigo child, he did tell me he was an Archangel. He told me he was gathering other Angels together for an upcoming Psychic War and that I was one of the Angels he had to train, I just hadn't "awoken" yet. After a few years of listening to him and failing to learn anything from him I didn't already know, I turned online to look for answers to my blossoming questions about what I was experiencing intuitively and in my dreams.

I've always tended to get along better with older people than me, but I have no older acquaintances or even those my own age. All of my friends are younger than I am and look to me as a "leader" of sorts because I can get people to do things for me quite easily.

As of right now, I work in a coffee shop. It's just c changeable enough to not be routine which keeps me from going insane. I despise routines and I feel like I'm meant for something much better than what I have become so far. However I don't have enough interest in anything I do to pursue it beyond something like a hobby or a thought of something I want to learn.

I like helping people and I'm frequently called "kind" because I do things like round up change at my job and cover it with my tips or I'll stop and help old people on the street carry things. One of my ambitions is to build a home where homeless people can live until they are able to find a job and make it on their own. I don't know how I'm going to accomplish this, but I know it'll happen someday.

Whether I am an Indigo Adult or if I'm not, I would love to connect with others just to feel I am not alone. And maybe find friends I can learn with that won't be afraid to challenge me.

Sorry it was so long. This is the first time I've ever wrote anything like this!

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