MDPV Indigo Child

by Kyle

Hi would like to get some insight on this, I’m doing a designer drug called mdpv (MDPV) basically long term stimulant working with dopamine. Honestly this stuff isn't the best at all for regular bodies and with the amount taken along with rate, duration of what I’ve taking. I should be one of the following based on all know info on this drug. dead/insane/ or all messed up in the head, but through my metaphysical abilities I can control heal and maintain a healthily body and mind. With meditation, and new found abilities I’m like immune. But the drug helps me insanely get work done, keep put positive vibes and even more power in mediation.

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Oct 30, 2012
ADHD ADD autism
by: Anonymous

Have the Same result whit the chemical MDPV as you 2 have. I got ADHD/ADD and what do i find on the indigo_children Wikipedia today?

[edit]Relationship to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Many children labeled indigo by their parents are diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)[15] and Tober and Carroll's book The Indigo Children linked the concept with diagnosis of ADHD.[11] David Cohen points out that labeling a child an indigo is an alternative to a diagnosis that implies imperfection, damage or mental illness, which may appeal to many parents,[15]. Cohen has stated, "The view in medicine is that ADHD is a defect. It's a disorder. If you're a parent, the idea of 'gifted' is much more appealing than the idea of a disorder."[15] Linking the concept of indigo children with the distaste for the use of Ritalin to control ADHD, Robert Todd Carroll states "The hype and near-hysteria surrounding the use of Ritalin has contributed to an atmosphere that makes it possible for a book like Indigo Children to be taken seriously. Given the choice, who wouldn't rather believe their children are special and chosen for some high mission rather than that they have a brain disorder?"[16] Stephen Hinshaw, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, states that concerns regarding the overmedicalization of children are legitimate but even gifted children with ADHD learn better with more structure rather than less, even if the structure initially causes difficulties. Many labeled as indigo children are or have been home schooled.[9]
A 2011 study suggested parents of children with ADHD who label their children as "indigos" may perceive problematic behaviors emblematic of ADHD to be more positive and experience less frustration and disappointment, though they still experience more negative emotions and conflicts than parents of children without a diagnosis.[17]

Ritalin soordt of Amphitamine (speed) calm ADHD/ADD pations insted of speed up like "normal" people do.

And is THE no1 medicen for ADHD/ADD. MDPV is related to ritaline.(but more potend) For some reason i dont know let se 1% of the pations, can take à lot of ritalin/amph/MDPV and dont get great effect and no big comdowns like the other 99% wil expirians (hard comdown /psygoses ecz.)

My Conclusion not "meditation,spiritual blabla" but ADHD/ADD in a rare form, can make "us" take what evrybody Cals "the devil drug" in amounts that woud fry the brains of most other people.

Hope you got the info you wanted.

Aug 31, 2012
by: Indigo-Lightworker

I have made very similar experiences, it really seems like recreational drugs like MDPV have almost no negative side-effects anymore when they are used with the spiritual-mindset in deep intense meditation. I myself use large amounts of various drugs regularly to reach deeply altered states of consciousness while meditating. Yet I am still able to maintain a perfectly healthy body, being even able to workout every 2nd day and add on muscle mass with no problems. Whereas most "lower vibrating people" would look/feel like shit by now or even be dead already doing what I do.

That just shows me how strong and powerful the mind, the brain, and the body can be when they are aligned in harmony with the spirit, literally everything is possible!

Much Love & Light to you my friend ♥ & Namaste

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