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My Favourite Psychic Kathleen Cameron

by Sally Fletcher
(Manchester, UK)

Hi, I don’t know if this is the best place, but after browsing through a few articles etc. I really wanted to write of my experiences. My name is Sally, and two years ago I had a really bad break up. I lost my home, most of my friends and had to move town. Anyway! At a particularly low point I decided to seek comfort and guidance from a Psychic Medium. I wanted to know whether my life was ever going to get better. I did LOTS of research as I’m no fool, and didn’t want to be duped by one of the many fakes out there. I thought I would go with someone who was not only registered with a professional body, but who had good feedback that I could actually check up on. So my friend at work recommended Kathleen.

It took a while to get hold of her (a few days) as she is SO busy - a good sign I thought. She got back in touch and I instantly knew she was for real, and that she could help me. She doesn’t try to bombard you with information, or try to sound to mystical and mysterious, she is just plain, simple and to the point. She gave me facts about my past that no-one would have known, and also gave me an insight into my personality and why I behaved the way I did in relationships. I found her to be an excellent listener and she really understands me. As I got to know her more, I discovered she is actually a trained Counsellor, so I guess her good nature and patience comes through this.

Anyway, I don’t want to waffle, all I can say is, I have been contacting Kathleen now for about eighteen months and have no intention of ever stopping! (Kathleen please don’t ever stop reading professionally). I contact her for a reading when I need advice, guidance or support whether it be love life or work. She’s always there.

If you're curious I would say give her a go. She often does special offers and things so if you don’t want to spend much, look out for her freebies (she does these now and then on her website but you have to be VERY quick)

Glad I found this site, am going to go browse some more articles now! xx

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