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My Indigo Self

by Ervin Jones
(Savannah Georgia - USA)

Lookin Good

Lookin Good

I found out I was psychic when I was ten years old! My parents had broken up and we wanted to go see our dad. On the way there I had a vision about us stopping and having to push the car up a hill, but to my surprise we made it there and nothing happened.

After we had been with my dad for a while we left to return home. On our way towards the hill I told my mom about my precognitive vision. Both mom and my brother told me to stop jinxing them so I hushed.

The car ran out of gas right at the spot I had seen in my vision, and just like I saw, we had to push it up the hill.

Ever since that day I’ve practiced my psychic ability to try to develop my Indigo Self. I’m 15 years old now and have improved a lot. I’ve told some of my family and my friends but it’s only my friends who believe me so far.

My family, especially my brother, are always trying to prove me wrong.

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Oct 02, 2007
Love Lives Forever
by: Anonymous

Hi Ervin, I read your story; I also have had many of the same experiences. Be a positive person, and live your life with joy, you are not alone, there are angels looking over you, be kind and know god loves you. We are more than we see, we are beautiful creations. - Love Sue

Sep 12, 2007
That's awesome!
by: Dakotah

I sometimes have dreams that come true. But yeah when you said that your brother is always trying to prove you wrong it reminded me of my brother. He's all about scientific evidence, and I always get enraged at him for being so narrow minded haha. Oh and just curious what is your sign? Cuz I wonder if there is a pattern with indigos. Im a Pisces :D.

Sep 12, 2007
Stick With It
by: ZorbaZiv

Hi Indigo Ervin, stick with it. Just like you have seen for yourself, you will see for others too. I see your indigo aura just looking at your photo.

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