My Indigo Story

by Jennifer

I am 27 years old now and I always knew I was different and I also felt that certain people would automatically not like me or want me around but they were not people that I wanted to be around anyway. I had very easygoing parents growing up so it was easy for me to get out of school and I never heard the word chore or got "punished". My dad always said I was his most sensitive child and that I had very unusual ways of thinking. I loved to play by myself and live in my own dreamland. I still imagine a world that is very silent for some reason; a world where no one really talks because it's not necessary. Feelings don't have to be expressed verbally. It always gets misinterpreted here anyway. I was a very quiet child although very intelligent. I made friends very quickly as a young child because I loved everyone but soon I stopped trusting and really even stopped liking people in general. I am more understanding now that I am an adult. And I don't fault people for whatever path is theirs to take.

I have had a few things happen in my life that have confirmed this "difference". When I was about 8, a dog of mine was hit by a car and while she was dying on my back porch (my dad had placed her there) I stayed with her for maybe 20 minutes with my hands on her praying because I knew God would heal her. My family didn't attend church, didn't seem to be very religious although I knew about God and Jesus. So I imagined light from God going through my palms to heal her. My parents pulled me away from my dying dog and we went to my grandparent's house. I guess they just wanted to separate me from the situation and they couldn't afford a vet. So I went outside at my grandparent's house, sat, closed my eyes, visualized my dog running around, and prayed intensely for her healing. When we returned home, she indeed was running around very happy as if it had never happened.

The other major event occurred a few years later when I was riding my bike, I felt like I should look in a certain direction and as I did I saw a large cloudship. I was excited and I remember answering in my head, I'm fine. I walked near the house because I wanted my family to see and more clouds took on the shape of UFO's. When my family came out, my mom was very much in awe, my sisters made fun of me, my dad didn't care for some odd reason and today my mom and I are the only ones that remember the incident. I always thought it was very strange that my dad and sisters didn't even find enough significance in this to say anything or even remember. My mom and I watched the clouds for about 10 minutes before they dematerialized. I don't feel like I went anywhere and there's no missing time thing but my overall feeling was that other "people" were in these cloudships and just came by to say hello. Haven't seen any since but would love to know more details. If anyone else has had a cloudship experience, I would love to hear about it.

The latest chapter in my life is my discovery of who I am, which continues. I am not able to at this point contact spirits but I do get the urge to write stories about a better world or planet that I feel exists and how things work. One of the things I wrote was that the beings have an inner light from God within that is sometimes so bright that it will reflect off of any physical body. A few months later I heard about Indigo children and was very interested, not thinking at the time that I may also be an Indigo but later more information about Indigos came to me and I knew I would fit into this category or label, even though whatever something is called is not what matters, We just are who we are.

I would love to finally have friends to talk openly with. I learned early in life that people would label me an outcast if I shared my true beliefs.

My email is Gihon03 @ hotmail . com

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