My name is Chrystal and I believe I may be an Indigo.

I am 23 years old and have never quite "fit in". When I was a teenager, other people thought of me as strange or weird because I had very particular views on everything and saw things I couldn't explain properly. I had problems in school largely because I always felt distant from my peers and teachers.

I used to believe I was the only one who feels this way until I looked up auras on the internet. I still haven't found an answer for my question about auras (I hope someone will read this and help me answer it now) but I did find information on Indigo children and adults. I feel that this explains a lot for me and about me, but I still question programs costing hundreds of dollars to complete the "internal programming" for an Indigo. I simply do not have the funds to throw towards any such cause and don't believe (if the articles I've read on Indigo and Crystal children are correct) that such methods are necessary, at least not for me.

Since I can remember, I have had a "gift" in the sense that I can see short distances in the future while I daydream. Every vision is of common everyday things (meaning I never saw anyone dying before they did or anything along that nature) happening before they happen. I also have a strange sense of compassion and sympathy that breaches an emotional level. If a person I know and care for is hurt physically or emotionally, I develop symptoms similar. I am eternally saddened by people who display hate and violent intentions towards each other and believe in the possibility of a world without wars and murders.

I also have a connection to children going back as long as I can remember. It isn't what I feel for children; it's what they feel for me. Infants stare at me when I walk into a room (this is what I was questioning about auras, why this happens) and children seem drawn to me. I once had a friend who had five children, one of which was "special" in the sense that her mind never developed past age four and words (speech) were especially difficult. This child was fourteen when I knew her and she couldn't speak the names of her brother and sisters. She could say "mom and dad" but it came out slurred and not always identifiable to anyone other than her parents. Most of her communications were through sounds and gestures. Yet, this amazing girl learned my name. She could say my name with almost perfect clarity every time even though I was a guest in their house and visited maybe once every few weeks. Her parents thought this was very odd but were happy in the sense that she seemed to genuinely connect with me and wanted to be around me constantly.

I feel almost every description of an Indigo adult fits the way I perceive myself and am perceived by others. After several near death experiences (situations where I very nearly could have died) I have concluded there must be a reason I am still here and like almost every person who has every lived, I am actively searching for a reason. My search has lead to a deep felt interest in things of an occult nature and I hold a lot of the old world beliefs with a certain high regard. I write this, not because I am a fanatic of have a high regard for myself nearing vanity; but because I want to connect with others like me. I want to believe this is real and not a cult type following. If there is anyone who reads this and can understand of even identify with me, I hope someday to connect.


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