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Mystic Travel To Places of Spiritual Pilgrimage

Planning some mystic travel? It's easy if you follow the energy. 

No matter our spiritual background and system of beliefs we may (or may not) adhere to, it is next to impossible to imagine a person who has not heard of Hajj (pilgrimage) to the city of Mecca. The same applies to the Marian apparitions in the French town of Lourdes which inspired millions of Catholics to visit the spot and look for enlightenment, healing, comfort, or perhaps a solution to a serious problem. Examples such as these are countless and have been around since time immemorial. Sites of millennia-old prophecies (the Ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi comes to mind) as well as lesser known (or perhaps completely forgotten) sacred groves or springs are still a theme familiar to all.

While a lot of people may doubt their mystical powers, many will attest to their very special atmosphere. A certain energy may still be felt, one that is next to impossible to describe yet is sensed so deeply, making it difficult to ignore mystic travel. This is particularly true of long-abandoned sites that by now only interest an archeology enthusiast or a more adventurous tourist. In silence and seclusion, they emanate a certain energy which speaks of their divine significance from times long gone. Often belonging to vastly different schools of spiritual practice, they share the common trait of affecting nearly anyone present. How is that so?

Planning some mystic travel?

One obvious answer that every believer will cling to is the divine intervention that has somehow made the spot holy and sacred, giving it special healing or other such properties. While this may be plausible to a certain extent, another interpretation arises. If action from above is not behind the whole story, is it possible that the mystical nature of these sites came about in the exact opposite manner - from the pilgrims and the believers themselves? Their deep belief, earnest intention and spiritual fervor may have created what is known as a thoughtform, an emanation or manifestation brought about through spiritual or mental powers. Being a collective effort, so to speak, it can by default be considered stronger and more potent. If the primary intention of a certain spot is that of healing, the sharply focused prayer or mystical intention of a large group of people can theoretically create an emanation of itself and actually start exhibiting expected properties of (in said case) healing. Instead of a divine one, it may be an (un)intentional human intervention that produces the positive effect and the heightened energy present at these "holy" sites. The accumulated energy thus serves its purpose and occasionally brings about results.

With that in mind, one is left to wonder how much good we humans would be able to achieve if we would intentionally direct all our positive energies into spreading peace and love all around.

This Mystic Travel Guest Post is by Stefantastic.

Stefantastic is a freelance writer of spiritual and metaphysical matters who lives in Vrsac, Serbia.

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