No Black Sheep - An Indigo

by Karen Hutchinson

Me and my eldest.

Me and my eldest.

I’ve never wanted to be here. I’ve always struggled with life. I felt I was ns with the wrong family in the wrong era and didn’t want to play the game. I cried and sang songs to God every night and one night I saw a vision, to me it was Jesus Christ. No one believed me and so I stopped talking about it. Home was difficult, I was difficult. Mam and dad said I saw ghosts and they were scared of me. I think I became scared and stopped seeing things. I’ve always been sensitive and found people really hurtful and cruel and that this was wrong, almost like unjust and breaking the rules. Lights flickered and Mam wouldn’t let me use the microwave as she said every time I touched it, it broke.

As a teenager I became very frustrated and confused, I started to abuse solvents for escapism . At 18 I abused drink. I’ve been asking for my purpose in life for years. I got sober 6 years ago and now help people with addictions but I still get so desperate in the way the country is run, the laws etc, etc. I try to break the mould when possible and write to the prime minister and I guess I thought I was just a trouble maker at times who isn’t very good at conforming.

I still felt I haven’t found my purpose so I started healing and became an Angelic Reiki practitioner in January 10 and wondering where do I go from here as the world is still a crazy place to be if you’re as sensitive as me. I’m not sure why I stumbled across Indigo Children and Indigo Adults tonight, (dob 28 December 67)

But I feel like I’ve come home. For the first time in my life I feel I belong, I fit, there’s a reason behind where I’ve been and how I got here. It took all this time because I had been so conditioned. My parents couldn’t understand me so punished me with physical violence. They tried to pigeon hole me but said I was the black sheep and deserted me. Bless them - they didn’t know either. And I am so forgiving. I’m also extremely strong too though, and a bit of a ball breaker when I have to be.

Oh my God. I fit in the world at last. I’m getting ready for bigger things.

Thank you sooooooo much xxxxxx

Karen Hutchinson xx

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Aug 05, 2012
your a star
by: selina

Bless you for coming through you are a lovely soul and you shine bright for all to see.

Jun 21, 2010
Breaking the microwave
by: Anonymous

Yeah - it used to be for me that electric things would break as soon as I began using them. Not so much anymore thank goodness.

I still sense that I cause a lot of other chain reactions though - but if I say anything I'm an instant outcast. Shoulda come with a zipper on my lips.

Jun 10, 2010
well done!
by: susan gale

I am glad you found your own journey! Many have followed a similar path before coming to terms with their abilities to link with the spirit world. May you remain strong and focused!

Susan Gale

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