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One page from the indigo book.

by Ruth Andrews
(South West England)

Recently I did my 'thing'.

Now this wasn't the 'thing' that I'd done previously, it's much more than I had ever knowingly done before.

I live in England, and I was chatting to a friend who lives in Kentucky (North America), that's 5000 miles, give or take. We were using instant messenger on the computer, without webcams or anything.

My friend mentioned having a dream not too long ago, about her great aunt. In this dream her great aunt was calling to her, and woke her up, this also happened to her mother at exactly the same time, they live in the same house.

This was all the detail she shared about the dream.

I felt my switch get tripped as she had started to relate this dream to me. When she finished I started telling her all about her great aunt and how she died, none of which she told me before hand at all.

It was summer when she died, she was bent over from age, she always wore a green scarf/shawl. Where she died was below a window. There was wood everywhere. It was black around where she died, over the wall and floor, filthy. I also described where my friend sleeps, in the same room as her great aunt died.

These were then confirmed as 100% correct. I then went on to ask my friend about the black and white pictures/photographs, and one in particular. The pictures weren't mentioned before either, and I was told then that her mother collects them. They're all over the one room, and on the wall. They found the exact picture I had described; a gentleman in military uniform, with jacket on.

This is just one of my experiences. I'm an indigo adult, and this is a page that I wish to bring into the light and add to the book of indigo.

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