Past Life Pieces

by Gabrielle



This is a story about meeting my friend Ryan. He has a form of Autism, Aspergers. After we met we immediately connected, and over the past few weeks have made increasingly interesting connections. We figured something out while walking the C&O canal trail in WV. The ground and sky was pulling away like a vortex, and shifting when we began talking about stuff. I got really connected to nature, and when we're together much like my other friend who has schizophrenia, we can stop time.

So basically Mental Disorders are carry over symptoms from past lives. We realized his leg cramps are from the vision I had, of the soldier Sir William Henry Seward, who had an injury during the civil war, and got shot/or fell off his horse. I think he fell off, but I may have been related--they had four children. We already figured out that one died at 5 of smallpox, but it was five months. And one went to a boarding school, which may have been the daughter Frances Seward. Ryan does have a red beard, and he just picked up the name out of the blue and told us we walked this trail before.

I said I sense cold like Alaska. Then, we said he got me a necklace, or there was our child's ring somewhere. So, I went home and found the last name through looking for: someone who was shot in the leg during the war, who had the buttons and image like my dream I had a long time ago. Long before he said the name of Sir Henry William....but I also have this foreboding, because I know he might have had an alcohol problem and we had some kind of falling out. Anyways, he wrote a book. A book about his past life travels. But, there's nothing mentioned of me--or was she me? Frances Seward.

I am looking to find more about Frances, but I know she was like I had hoped, and assisted revolution and abolishing slavery by aiding the slaves. He thinks I died of old age on a steamboat in the Mississippi. But we're not sure. He had a son, but he thinks his son was a doctor. For some reason he said Liam. Liam sounds like William, but it was William Jr.

Weird huh? Also, the ring...where is the ring? What if we find it? And the map or something...there is something hidden for us to find... He said he had a feeling he would meet his one, his mother is saying no to tell too many people or get too involved in our past lives before we know each other now.

We're also both schizophrenic. And so is another friend and another and another. Coincidence? That I connect too well with all these people who have schizophrenia. I think something happened in a past life, something so traumatizing and cataclysmic that it made us come back very damaged, or we're just very very old souls. Indigos in other words. I've met all the Indigos in the past year--2011. My father thinks it’s silly, but if soul groups migrate and reincarnate, we choose spots to remind us. I wonder, though, if my father was Judge Elijah Miller in a past life.

Also, my past life Frances may have been neurotic. I seem more like I would have been Fanny, the daughter...but this is where it gets confusing. I don't remember unless I'm with Ryan, because together we make some kind of amazing connection. I got a little excited and he calmed me down, but he's also extremely sweet. And that's what happens, it's like a sisterly brotherly connection...but, it's confusing.

His mom said that basically, our cells store memory. Biological memory, and until that memory is released we relive those experiences. That's what it is, you know...that's why they do horrible things to people like us, because we can see. We're not blind and we always remember the truth.

So in case you wanted to solve the mystery of why, the answers have been right in front of you for a long time.

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