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If you want to explore your past life test hypnosis because hypnotherapy is one of the most popular ways to discover evidence of reincarnation. 

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A hypnotherapist can be used for past life regression, which will take your subconscious mind beyond the life that you are living presently to the ones you have lived. The hypnotherapist will assist walking you through the process. You can also learn self hypnosis techniques from hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Learning these techniques from hypnotherapists can be better than from reading them in a book because you can see and feel the results.

The subconscious mind is capable of retaining information based on time for hours, days, even years. A study performed by a University proved this theory. During the past life test, a hypnotist placed a group of students under hypnosis. They were then told that their subconscious was going to keep precise track of every passing second on a specific signal. The students were then given an exact number of seconds that varied from thousands of second to millions of seconds. They were then given a stop watch and were told that at the end of these seconds, they would have a need to stop the timer, regardless of where they were at and what they were doing. They would then be compelled to return the stop watch. They were then sent about their lives. When each student’s time was finished, they returned their stop watches. The result was proof that the subconscious never forgets.

During a past life test, the subject can gain access to the subconscious mind and is able to access the memories that are left over from the past lives.

Remember, the subconscious uses your brain and body to attain physical experiences, but exists separate from the two. It is considered to be part of the "spirit" and will not die when the body does. 

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Silly Online Past Life Test

If you have taken the dumb Past Life Test that pops up all over the web you need to take that as a joke or at best, very cheap entertainment. That free past life report is a quiz made with a simple bit of Java script that gives you a random answer from a few preset responses. 

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