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Past life

by Mel

The details I remember of the dream which aren't much. But it started off in a cute but small house. I remember two flower pots on the front porch and I don't know why but they seemed important to me. Once I'm in the house (it's my cousin’s house) and she is excited to see me. We are getting ready to go out and she tells me about a scary book she has and I really don't want to read it, but I do, the book is about a girl who got possessed and that’s all I remember about it.

Then I go into a different time (70's) I think.. And I'm at a small store with a teen girl whom I've never met before and the book was about her sister. She gets a phone call and it’s the girl in the book and she says she's had some Jim Beam and the devil is in her.

From there I go back to my cousin’s house and the flowers on the front porch are dead. When I get inside my cousin is laying there dead I assume with white paint running down here face instead of blood.

Then I woke up scared to death! I couldn't even move I was so terrified. And I really don’t know what scared me so bad in the dream. But I felt like I knew what was going to happen next in the dream. I was going to be walking in a tunnel and there are all kinds of people there. I'm with one of my friends and a man dressed in black comes and stabs either me or my friend.

I felt like I was dreaming a past life or something.

If anyone has any input please share!


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