Peace, Love, and Understanding

by Andy

What’s so funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding Towards Others? The way things should be is very far from what most humans are really like. You see this. We are still animals and are a long way from angels. Seeing though people you come to grips with the organization and the grand scheme of "time" that is encircling once again. Coincidences reveal a sense of meaning, but truly lead to a greater direction.

It will be hard, horrible, trying on all your souls, and shake the very essence of your human being to the surface.

Proposition: unconditional LOVE. for everyone. and everything. We all have created this, everything, you have created throughout your lifetimes. You are god, creation, and I call you to progress and spread your healing love throughout all. It starts with your thoughts, and how you process your emotions. You showing others your greatness and good ways will just be. I am telling you to, and will you to. We all belong to this land even if it seems we just are visiting.

We all have made the world the way it is today. IT IS, up to you to consider the role you would like to play, and what you will make different this time around.

We are Stars

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