Powerful Reading by Diana in Chicago

by Meagan
(Chicago, IL)

I went to see this psychic because she lives in my neighbourhood and I walk past her sign all the time. I went on New Year's Day and was really anxious about all that was happening with my job. I wanted to talk about my job and all the insecurities that I was experiencing because I knew that they were going to fire me.

Well Diana did not want to talk about my job, she spoke directly to matters of the heart. I did not want to hear it but she insisted and then we explored it even more and I was blown away.

I did get fired from the job as I had suspected but she kept telling me that a job nor work is not the issue, you will find work and be very successful. And I did move onto a job that I love so much!

Everything that she told me about the man in question came to light. Looking back, it was freaky how right on she was and it helped me make the right choices about getting what I want in life.

I am a believer!

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