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Predictions about my Future Lover

by Linda

About 6 months ago I came across a lady called Victoria who was offering a reading called "Your Future Lover". I hadn't seen this kind of reading before (and I've had a few over the years) and as I was single, decided to give it a try.

Well I can only say that what she told me turned out to be very accurate. Here are some significant things she got right:

1. She told me the man I would meet was foreign. Unbeknown to her I have always been attracted to dark men.
2. She said I would meet this man in a place where people go to look after their body, something like a spa, a gym, the pool. I actually met him in a Boxercise class !
3. She said he was very testosterone fueled, with a competitive nature. She thought he might be very keen on some kind of aggressive sport in which he competes. He is actually studying Judo and although not very advanced in it yet, has aspirations to become a professional Judo competitor one day.
4. She described him as being in a job where he was exposed to conflict and was responsible for trying to sort it out and bring order.The job exposed him to aggression. She likened it to what a policeman would be involved with. Well he is not a policeman but he is a bouncer !!
5. She said we would first meet around March-April time 2008. I did indeed meet him in mid April.

These are just a few things she got right, there are others and some things that are yet to pass. I would recommend her to any of you who would like to know about their next relationship and her rates were very reasonable too.

You can find her at

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