How To Protect Your Aura Energy With A Shower Of White Rose Light

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To protect your aura energy from negative people I've found it's important to put up what I call 'protection roses' around my aura. I often see to this before doing psychic work of any kind, or just when 'out and about' in the world, 

My visualized protection roses protect your aura energy like a 'White Shower of Light'.  You can put them up at any time, and check on them during the day if you want to. At the end of the day, you probably want to 'take them down,' or 'neutralize' them. It's a process I call 'Creating and Destroying My Aura Protection Roses.

Visualizations To Protect Your Aura Energy

To protect your aura energy with visualized roses:

At the beginning of the day, I ground myself - run Earth and Cosmic energy, until I get a good mix of both (like a painter mixing paint to achieve a particular hue) You'll know when it feels right! Next, I visualize the rose, including color (The first color that comes to you is the one that'll work well for you that day) I put up a rose in front, one in back, and on each side, and one above. I might also posit that these roses capture any negative energy I might encounter. At the end of the day, I take them down, or 'explode' them, by visualizing a 'bomb' that explodes them, and returns the neutralized energy to the center of the Earth.

In addition to this, you can put up transparent reading roses, healing roses, or roses with a message in them that you can send psychically to anyone! 'Hello' and 'I Love You' roses are especially fun to send! And, remember, because there is no time or space on the "psychic plane,' the receiver will get them, although they may not be aware of them! Of course, all roses are tied to the center of the Earth with a grounding cord. So, create a rose to protect your aura energy, and enjoy the shield and peace they can provide for you!

Guest post by Paul Oakridge
Paul is a psychic advisor in Tennessee USA  - (Webmaster is awaiting update to contact info)

Comments about how to protect your aura energy.

How to protect your aura?

In mystery school I was taught how to zip up my aura. In deep meditation you imagine and visualize yourself pulling your aura from the back of your head, over your head, down the front of  your torso, under your feet, and back up to the back of your neck. Then do the same from one side of your neck, lifting over your head, down other side, under feet and back up to side of neck. Then do same from other side of your neck, over head, down side, under feet, and back up to side of neck. Finally, reverse the first step by pulling your aura from under your chin, over your head, down your back, under your feet, and up the front to your chin. That's it, your aura is now zipped up. It feels a bit like pulling on a neoprene wet-suit. (PS. As you get good at this you will find you can make yourself invisible to others!)  Ian

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