How To Cleanse The Aura In The Most Effective Ways

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It is worth knowing how to cleanse the aura because, no matter how pure a channel you are, you can still be affected by the negative energy emissions of others. Even walking through a crowded street you will, unbeknownst to you, pick up people's energetic vibrations (the good, bad , and the ugly!) Aura cleansing can also help you prevent psychic attack. 

What is an Aura? 

The aura is a part of your energy body, just like your Chakras. Your auric layers vibrate both outward and inward in tune with each of your chakras, and radiate the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you feel in every moment. Our auras are approximately six feet high and wide and we interact with everyone we pass by. Herein lays the phenomena of energy exchange. That’s a huge topic – for the sake of this article I will strictly answer your questions about how to cleanse the aura.

How To Cleanse The Aura In 7 Different Ways

7 FAQs Answered On How To Cleanse The Aura

How do you white light your aura?

  • An oldie but a goody for aura cleansing is to white light yourself. Simply imagine white Divine energy pouring over you like a shower. Gentle rain drops as they fall they take all the negativity surrounding you with them. You can finish off with gold star dust which is protection. Let the gold flow all the way from the top of your channel down into the ground, down into your true essence. You can recite to yourself “I am totally protected now”.

Does lime absorb negative energy?

  • Burning essential oil of lime in an aromatherapy burner is another great energetic space cleanser. It can also help cleanse your aura when used like a perfume by dabbing a drop or two on your wrists.

How do you make aura protection spray?

  • Lime makes a perfect aura protection spray. For best results spray your aura with a few drops of essential oil of lime diluted in a small or medium sized dark glass spray bottle. You will feel invigorated from this lime being sprayed through your aura. It is a wonderful pick-me up and a perfect potion for house cleansing too.

How to cleanse the aura with sage?

  • White sage from your herb garden can be dried and burned in your home for aura cleansing to clear out any negative energy. You need only burn safely a few leaves per room in a secure metal or clay pot. While the smoke fills the room, hold an intention that this is a strong energetic cleansing and realize you are protecting the whole area. You can chant “Out with the old energies and in with new positive loving energies now”, or something like that. Once your home is cleaned, imagine your home surrounded with Gold. Imagine it sealed and protected with an invisible gold mesh screen.

What is angelic protection?

  • You can ask your angels to stand guard in your psychic protection. Imagine two angels before you and two behind you and perhaps one or two guarding any entrances to your home.

Which crystal is best for aura cleansing?

  • A smokey quartz crystal is best for clearing negative energy from your aura and great for general  psychic protection. Place it in your home and designate it as your home’s psychic protection crystal. Carry one with you and designate it as your own personal psychic protection crystal. You can designate any crystal to protect you really. Just ask them, they are happy to oblige.

Is sandalwood incense good for aura cleansing?

  • Essential oil of Sandalwood on your neck is wonderful for cleansing your aura and for protection against psychic attack. Place just a few drops (1 or 2) on your finger tips and rub it on the back of your neck. It is said that this is your first place of psychic attack. So if you are getting frequent headaches, try the Sandalwood Oil and some aura cleansing ideas from above. You just never know what might work for you in that moment.

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