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Proud Indigo Girl

by Karin

Yes, I'm an Indigo adult and I'm learning to accept and even love it! Indigo is good! Being different is not wrong, it's just different. It's not easy, being 45 years old, still married to the same guy (yes, boring at times, but safe for the kids), 2 teenagers and a part time job. I felt for a long time that I needed to fit in the perfect working mom picture and disappointed myself time after time. Until I found out about new age children, Indigo, HSP .. and realised they were talking about me!

So that was it, it was time to be ME, no matter what other people thought about it.

I'm so lucky to have a husband who never tells me what to do and to have a new boss who lets me do what I do best: new things!!

By following my own needs most of the time I'm here, telling you that I'm an Indigo girl and proud of it.

Follow your Indigo heart and you'll be fine.

Don't mind the difference :).

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Aug 26, 2012
Read this at the very least, that's my wish
by: Augustus

...Wake up, see reality, accept the truth and don't be so full of yourself. Take a walk, realize that all man are equal. The Universe and Nature governs all, they are not bias and do not discriminate. But men are foolish. Many of us have similar fates and lives. Overall, none is greater than any other. After all, we are the same, we will all die one day.

Death is the great equalizer. Don't let a psychic tell you about your life, your life belongs to you and the only windows to your short short life is you. Be a more critical human, be wary of others and don't proud. Fakes Psychics are the most cruel and heartless insults to any living existence ever, they can tear your life apart in their false predictions and lies. And people who think that they are really Psychics need to reflect and not delude themselves in order to see the obvious truth.

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