Psychic Daisy

by Khrissy

I love Psychic Daisy's readings. She sometimes does free readings in a psychic chat room but I just loved getting her readings enough to pay. She is busy most of the time and rarely does her Mediumship readings, which I love to watch. She normally is able to pick up on the person whom they want to speak to. But she now chooses whom she will do those types of readings for and won’t charge. She said if she gets the feeling that it would provide the healing then she will be prompted to do so.

She once connected to a father who as been dead for over 40 years and wouldn’t allow the connection fully till both sides were able to prove they knew each other. LOL meaning she doesn’t like you giving her a lot of info during the reading unless she needs confirmation on what she is getting. But the son who had fought with his father just before he died in an accident was so grateful.

Unfortunately since she is so busy you have to wait for a reading wherein she uses her intuition but if you request a Tarot email reading she is pretty quick. I don’t see it on her website anymore.. the request for a reading using her intuition. So I guess unless you have been a client of hers you can't get it anymore. But I have had her other readings and they are very good too. Anyway if you can get a reading from her I am sure you will really like it.

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Love her too
by: Shane

Nice to see Daisy here guys. She is quite good and accurate.

by: Dixie

I just wanted to say I love Daisy's readings too. I am always amazed at what she can pick up. I never miss buying her readings for the upcoming month. Her overall reading is great too.

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