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Psychic Forest - AskNow

by Debbie
(Michigan, USA)

As I told Psychic Forest in the feedback I left after my first consultation with her: If I could give more than 5 Stars, I'd give her every star in the sky!

My first time going to AskNow I didn't know which Psychic to choose from. I went over each profile hoping to find a Clairvoyant, and after a week of going back to the site daily to review and narrow my selection down, I noticed one thing in common of every visit, I was drawn to Psychic Forest.

Her profile said nothing of being Clairvoyant, but what it did say I could relate to. She's a fellow Pisces, interprets dreams, and although I have yet to master that, I am a dreamer who hopes, wishes, and prays to feel the one thing I had once, and that's a true, deep down in your heart and soul love. And that is where the key words, or target words she used in her profile grabbed my attention; "True Love", "pursue their dreams", "solid relationship", "driven by Purpose", "Meaningful life filled with Love"... I could go on, but I'll let you find her to see for yourself.

I narrowed my selection down to Forest and one other, who was Clairvoyant. Both Forest and this other person were on other calls, so I told myself whoever is off first is who I will pick. The other person was off first, so I called. Now this is where I honestly believe my Guardian Angel / Spirit Guide did some intervention. Once I was connected, there was nobody on the line and I was put on hold. I was then reconnected and all it did was ring and was put back on hold. The third time I sat waiting for almost 5 minutes for a Psychic that never showed. Sure enough, I hung up to find that Forest was off the line, so I called back and typed in her extension.

The only communication she got out of me before I realized she was talking about me - spot on - was "Hello", "My name is Debbie", and gave her my birthdate. That was it. What she was saying was as though she was me telling my story of what I had been through in the past year, and throughout my life. I sat listening, and said nothing. After a few minutes she apologized and said she had so much coming at her that she really should have let me talk so that I could ask her questions. I told her to continue on, that I was really enjoying what she had to say and wanted to hear more.

I had 60 minutes of time and wished I had 600! I have called her 3 times so far and she remembered me on the second call, which was a month after the first. We really connected, I know I felt it as did she. I will confidently tell you that Forest is as mentioned, spot on with her reading, and spot on to the point you would think she was reading your biography! Furthermore, Forest is very mindful of the time, straight forward, encouraging, inspirational, compassionate, caring, honest and resourceful.

How can I say this so confidently? Not only because I too am straight forward, but because I am also intuitive, and an empath. So if there is one thing I listen to it is that!

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Where is forest
by: Anonymous

Anyone find her yet?

Looking for forest
by: Anonymous

Like the other reviewer I found out Forest is gone and got no information from customer service...anyone know how to find her?

Forest is Gone
by: Former Client

Psychic Forest is no longer with Asknow and those Customer Service people will not say anything else.

Your great
by: Rashaun

I want to thank you. You where on point with everything and really helpful i only went to you for five minutes but everything you told me was on point but i have your number and i will be a frequent caller to talk and get advice you really where helpful thank you so much if i got advice for anybody on love shes a great person to go too to talk..

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