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Psychic in South Florida

by Fort Lauderdale's Spiritual Intuitive
(Florida USA)

What to expect at a psychic, tarot card or spiritual reading. The two of you are alone. You are seated comfortably and asked not to pre-discuss your questions or concerns. Rather, she will tell you what her feelings are about you and why you have come to her. That will allow you to realize that she is not reading into anything that you are telling her. At this point the reading has begun.

Next, she will discuss your concerns with you. Many times during this process you will see she has come up with answers and coping methods you may never have thought of.

And she will be able to guide you to the right path for clearing whatever obstacles are blocking you.

Hello I am a born gifted spiritual intuitive. With over 15 years of experience as a spiritual reader adviser and parapsychologist I am also a third generation spiritual reader that has been gifted since birth. I was guided by my grandmother, who was also a spiritual reader. I feel it’s a wonderful gift, a chance to help people. Often, people are at a crossroad in life, and I can provide information to help them.

I can help you solve all affairs of life. I am a bonded, board certified psychic with proven 90% - 98% accuracy. Specializing in relationships, I can answer your questions about: your love life, your career, your family, your past lives, your future, missing articles, how to communicate with your guardian angel, and much more. I offer the following services: chakra balancing, aura cleansing ,metaphysical healing, spiritual rebirth and direction, spiritual healing's and regressions, tarot card readings, astrology readings, clairvoyant readings, spirit reattaching, tai chi, chi gong & meditation classes, help to restore lost relationships, and much more...

Please do not classify me with other advisers my vision will convince you of my ability!

Visit me at:

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