Psychic Medium Jason McDonald

by Ian

Jason the Big Kahuna of Spirit Mediums

Jason the Big Kahuna of Spirit Mediums

I visited the ‘Little Light’ Spiritual Fair here in Noosa this weekend. Having been impressed by Psychic Medium Jason McDonald when I saw him work the platform at a similar Sydney event about ten years ago, I gladly slipped into the back row of the packed theater area to see him in action again.

Jason was clearly the star attraction this weekend. The first thing I noticed was that the last ten years had receded the hair line somewhat. I learned of his affinity with the Hawaiian Huna and now Jason not only beams with the Aloa Spirit he now also positively looks like a born and bred Kahuna Shaman.

This kind and gentle spirit medium began his session by taking questions from members of the very full audience. Quickly connecting with the first three of four keen participants, who had been waving their hands frantically with their ‘Pick me’ enthusiasm, Jason suddenly stopped me in my tracks by picking me out saying “You sir, in the middle of the back row, I have a strong connection with you. Who is George, or what does the name George signify to you? There is someone close who has passed in recent years and wants to reach out to you today”.

No one by the name of George came to mind but my good friend Bruce certainly is now in my thoughts. Three years ago I had cared for Bruce during his last six months of life. And before that, for many years, we had always met regularly at a Kings Cross Café called Georges. Bruce was a close friend I had made ten years earlier on an introduction from one of my most dear and long time friends, (from my Magnetic Island years), Pam. And it was ALWAYS Georges Café that connected the three of us together and Bruce and I together.

Jason went on to confirm the date and the symptoms of Bruce’s passing.

Bruce loved travel and did get himself to most corners of the world during his lifetime. But in later years his long distant international travel was not really doable for him. Bruce’s message through Jason was so on-the-ball. It was about me doing more travel and that Bruce would come along for the ride. In the last six months my wife Holly and I had relocated from Sydney to Noosa Heads and we are both very comfortable and are in love with our new locale. But Holly has such a passion for travelling to Europe again that the subject has recently been brought up a lot. I have traveled the globe over the years also, but recently I've not been too keen to head off into the blue yonder, much to Holly’s dismay. Now here is Bruce edging me on from a bigger blue yonder!

This fine Spirit Whisperer was very accurate with his connection with me, as he was with the others he became the Medium for.

Jason did not know of me or of my website. But I am sure happy to recommend you get in touch with Psychic Medium Jason McDonald directly through his website (He is based in Brisbane Australia)

Aside from this story I had been visited once before by Bruce. He turned up one night about a year or so ago, just his head in the room but very clear. He had said, “Ian I want you to do something for me . . .” But the apparition scared the begeepers out of me at the time and he disappeared mid-sentence.

Then the night after Jason’s connection I again sensed a visitation, and I’m sure it was Bruce. Now, having been a professional clairvoyant for so many years you would expect me to do the ‘chats with dead peeps’ also I’m sure - but no, not me! I can tune into the live and kicking type of peeps very accurately, but my childhood fear of ghosts remained and always had me turn away any visitations before they terrorized me.

Anyway back to the night after Jason’s connection. Waking in the middle of the night sensing the eerie I did my normal - “NO, no spooky surprises, find another way of connecting please”. So about a half hour later I woke again to find a foam rubber cot mattress leaning up against my side of the bed. Just the foam, no fabric cover on it. I thought, “That’s weird, what is that doing there”, and I put my hand out to grab it and feel it. Yes it was just a foam cot mattress. In my stupor I thought Holly must have placed it there for some unknown reason and I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Then I realized that we don’t have anything like this at all in the house. Turned back again and it was gone. All I can think it represented was a non-scary visitation and maybe suggested baby steps.

My Dream on Bruce Passing (In this article I had used Bruce's middle Allan name for privacy.)

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Jason McDonald
by: Yulinbilla

I recently saw Jason work a platform at the Brisbane Body Mind and Spirit festival and followed his amazing presentation with a reading at his home in Brisbane.

Right from the get go he was in touch with all my contacts that I brought along in the form of photos, none of which he looks at just placed face down the whole reading. Photos of living and dead. The living photos messages were as accurate as the past photos messages that came through.

I left there with such a feeling of inner peace that all is well and that spirit has my back. Something that I had recently lost sight of.

Go see Jason. He is a gem.

Jason Mcdonald
by: Anonymous

That's a beautifully written article.

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