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Psychic Mia Mor

by Barbara Calfee
(Wickliffe, OH, USA)

Psychic Mia Mor is a phenomenal woman and an amazing asset to anyone's life. I have worked with her, initially personally and very much at random - I was impressed by her psychic ability to read other people I asked her about - their honesty, their "availability," etc. THEN, I began to work on solving cold cases with a variety of law enforcement agencies. When I've been stuck, Mia Mor has come through with the use of psychometry - holding or viewing a photo of the person in question. She has BLOWN ME AWAY with her accuracy. Without her knowledge to this day, I've even tried to "TRICK" Mia Mor by handing her photos of different persons and explaining that they were involved in 3 different crimes - or at least we thought they were. (In actuality one was a murder victim, 2 were related, and the last is a missing relative).

She immediately came back and explained that with photo 1 she saw a tremendous amount of blood - and it was an especially gory scene; when she read photo 2 she didn't "get" anything. Then she picked up photo 3 and asked, "Is it possible that 3 is the mother of 2?" RIGHT ON TARGET.

With the 4th photo she merely sees "blankness" - not meaning that he is dead, but that he's with a group of people who have brainwashed him so that he's out of touch with his former reality. (We have since confirmed that he entered a HIGHLY UNDERCOVER branch of the CIA and has simply 'dropped off the map' with his family.)

NOW, with actual clients she prepares for 3-4 hours prior to each personal meeting or phone consultation - she will take minimal historical information from the person. Mia Mor meditates, works with incense, runes, and tarot cards. Then she spends minimally 1 full hour with the person - giving them information ranging from health to wealth to romance to career. It's amazing to see her work. Needless she has many return clients - several of whom fly in from 1000 miles away monthly for her advice.

Psychic Mia Mor lives in Eastlake OH, but she is not listed in the phone book.

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reading for Julie--yellow aura
by: Julie


Hi, it is Julie I saw your picture you showed me and I hope all is well with you . I am keeping this very generic due to privacy. You have been on my mind and I cannot stop thinking of things we talked about. I think I have had some dreams about our talking but remember your face in the dream.

Can you do a reading for me, my email is :
Shemely @, you can call me at work too if you like the area we met. Just call the area we met and we can get connected, I work there all this week.

I hope all is well, I read your write up, what a nice referral.

I hope we can schedule a reading .

Bye for now,


by: El R C Herman

Your cell no is not working. can you call me?

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