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Psychic Mind Flash

by Jenny

Psychic Mind

Psychic Mind

I'm still not sure if it means I'm psychic... It happened when I was about 6 years old, I'm 13 now. My mom had had this old car from before I was born, brown with a white roof. There was no way I would have known this. My mom used to talk about her old car, and my brother asked what it looked like. Before my mom could respond, I said, "Brown with a white roof."

How did I know this? I don't know. I have clear images of it in my head, though I've never seen it before.

I've also had weird sensations where I get this... this Feeling, something is going to happen.

And it does!

Or I dread certain days for no apparent reason, and something awful happens on that day. I also get weird feelings on days my mom takes me out for lunch. Or when I'm looking forward to something and I get this feeling that it's going to be canceled. Or if something I want to buy is going to be sold out, or if I'm going to have a cold the next day. It happens at the back of my mind, a flash of a thought that lasts merely a tenth-if not less-of a second. I'm getting used to reading those feelings.

But I doubt myself. I can't seem to be confident, and I believe Confidence is key to unlocking your Psychic ability. I'm working on it. I believe I might be psychic.

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My Mind

by Luzviminda Fjellstad
(Norway - Hønefoss)

This is me.

This is me.

It’s just a bit of quick fantasy. Like an arranged situation, like I knew it’s going to happen but I’m not reacting to stop it. It was just a second before it happened but I knew I was able to stop it happening one time.

I was holding a glass door and it exploded in my hands and then my heart beats so fast like I felt in my heart that it was warning me or something. I was so nervous and shocked while I was still feeling the energy from my hand.

As I looked into those very small pieces of broken glass I felt more nervous and then after some days I found out that I was pregnant and I needed to abort.

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Started Reading Hands

by Jess

Hi, my name is Jess and I'm 13. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. So here's my issue.

I know I'm psychic. I see shadow ghosts and demons, I feel energy, am clairvoyant, and clairaudient, and I feel things. But one thing is stumping me.

A while back I was at a baby shower, and some of us were left in the party room, the party was winding down, and we were all psychic or mystic believers. So I started reading hands, and everything was about 100% accurate, but I knew nothing of the people, and have basically studied nothing in palmistry, and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was called when you knew things about people when you touched them. After about four people I was tired, and had a bad headache.

Anyone with anything to say?

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Psychic Mind Connections

by Ashley

My friend and I can read each other’s mind. One day Dianne and I were bored, so we decided to try and guess what the other was thinking, as a game. She sat on one side of my room and I sat on the other, then the other person would write their word down and think it. (we also did this with colors, sounds, and numbers) we did 25 from each category, and in total, I missed 3 and she missed 4.

We were extremely shocked when this happened because some of the words were really weird (ex. dorsal fin, trombone, jungle). We've always been really close and been able to tell what the other was feeling, but we thought that was normal.

We both get gut feelings, but I'm pretty sure everyone does. Dianne sometimes has dreams that come true, and sometimes I think something before it happens, but only a few moments before hand, so I don't think that is anything physic. I'm not sure if Dianne has had any other physic experiences, but I've always had this weird thing where I can pick up on how a place "feels", and I'm pretty sure I can feel ghosts. (not constantly, but in certain places like at my grandma’s house, which is over 100 years old and she no longer lives in because she fell and doesn't feel safe living alone after that).

Why do we have this "connection"? Do you think this is physic, and why can't we do it with other people? Why are we just now able to do this?

For 8 years, Dianne has been my best friend, and for at least 6 years, my only friend. Now she is not my only friend, and I hang out with others, but I have never experienced anything like this with any of my other friends.

Any comments or suggestion about this is appreciated! Maybe I’m just crazy...

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Mar 18, 2015
Connecting Your Mind with a Stranger
by: Sharon

okay I'm on a dating site something made me look to some pictures and there was this one person somehow someway I want to talk to him so I texted but I did an unusual text I made references to CLOWNS this person live 3 to 4 hours away we talk every other day or something like that not very much small text the day has in mind how's your day things like that come New Year's Day this person had left and went all the way on the other end of California five to six hundred miles of it texting that day decided I was going to concentrate on this Christmas see if I could connect because I've done it before within 3 minutes of me thinking about this person he was on the phone with me and straight on it he's at actually at a wedding is leaves the wedding goes to party somehow someway I started thinking about this person like he was thinking about me then Ifocus on him calling me3 sec's he's on the phone with me right thought of him thinking of me he's on the beach at a party talking to me OVER 500miles away said he could not stop thinking about me and it has been that way ever since' I mind you AT THIS POINT WE HAD NOT EVEN MET!

May 26, 2014
Weird isn't it?
by: Tajanee

Hi,I think it's weird. Dont you think it's weird 2? I hope you give a live video chat to us commentators! Well comment soon! Bye!

May 11, 2012
by: tomh

hi I can do the same thing you are talking about in your story its known as telepathy i know how to train people to do it and i can do it with any one i taught my friends gf how to do it just 3 or 4 days ago it took 2 hours to read her thoughts but she was good at reading her bf thaughts and he was good at reading her thaughts i taught her bf about 6 months how to do it before i ever meet gf if u would like to try this with me some time look me up on facebook im under the name tom holliday or tomhholliday but if u have skype look me up under tom.holliday3

Apr 24, 2012
Your Fantastic Journey
by: Alexis

You are psychic. Don't worry you’re not crazy. I'm psychic too and so is my brother. This connection you were talking about doesn't work with everyone because the more you get use to the presence of certain people the easier and stronger the connection gets. I’ve run numerous tests about this connection and more. From what you described you've sort of trained yourself but it helps if you find someone to train you.

It can be a dangerous gift. I learned that the hard way. Good luck with your gift.

Not everyone can do it but you are not alone in your fantastic journey to find all the answers.

Apr 19, 2012
Very Cool
by: Anonymous

I have had very similar experiences in the past with close friends and often wondered if it meant we both had some type of psychic ability. I think that some of us are just a little more in tune with the feelings and vibrations that other give out. I do also think that the more you are with and around someone you do tend to kinda just know what they are thinking since you become so much alike. But i must say that is very cool that you two can communicate that way! I would consider yourselves blessed to have someone so close to you in you lives!



Apr 06, 2012
could be...
by: Anonymous

I used to be best friends with this girl when we were teenagers (about 10 years ago) and we had kind of the same experiences. I always knew when something had happened to her be it good or bad when I wasn't even around her. She was the same way with me. It was like I could feel her emotions from miles away. When we hung out together our minds always seemed to be linked. It was weird but also comforting to know that I shared something like that with someone else. We picked up on eachothers thoughts constantly. We were friends for only two short years before her death. I knew the moment she died even though I wasn't anywhere near the car accident. It felt like part of my soul died. Most people say soul mates are between lovers but I have to disagree. I think you can find your soulmate in friendship as well. Maybe that is what you and your fiend have. :) Hope that helps!!

Mar 06, 2012
Don't worry...
by: Art

Your grandmother's house is just a house with no ghosts (TV did it's job).
As for connection with your friend - you said you are the only two friends for last 6 years.
Even I can read my wife's thoughts after just 2 years of marriage.
There's a saying - Morons think alike. (I'm not calling you a moron, it's just a saying).
But when you live together you start to like same things, eat same food, enjoy same music - why not thinking same things?

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Not So Cool Being Psychic

by Stana

I always have dreams about my deceased relatives and they are very comforting.

My grandfather has been getting younger in my dreams. When I described to my grandmother what he was wearing in one of these dreams it turns out he had a work outfit like that when he was a younger man.

You would think this would be cool. Sometimes it is not so cool being psychic. I will keep having a dream about every two months of something not so nice. In these dream I am stopping something from harming people.

I also have dreams about people(spirits)I don't know and they "use" me to cross over.

Once I had something check me out when I first moved into my house. I was napping one afternoon and it felt like something entering the top of my head and exiting my feet. It left me with an awful feeling. I don't know if this means that I am psychic but it kind of freaks me out and I really don't know how to explore this further.

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Optimistic Of Powers

by Andrew

I was once able to move light objects with a mere finger, from any distance. I then however began to flaunt my talent, a few years passed and in an attempt to rediscover my powers I was unable to do anything.

I had lost my ability to move small very light objects. No matter how much I focused or how much I tried and practiced I never was able to gain my abilities back.

However I remain optimistic and still believe in my powers fully. I hope that one day my practice will have paid off.

Some of these Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges offer distance learning as well as on campus studies. Those listed have been recommended to me in one way or another over time.

This psychic test is based on the Zenner card test.

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Bank Robber

by Julie Bumgarner
(Villa Rica Georgia)

I had met a very nice man in 1994. We started seeing each other; he would come to my house I would go to his. One Friday morning while at his house, he said he was going to work and asked me to make sure I locked the door before I left. I told him ok and he went on his way and I stayed at his house, I wanted to sleep a few more hours.

After I had rested with all the sleep I needed, I got dressed and left the house. I was listening to the radio while driving back to my house when a news report came on saying that there had been a bank robbery. They were looking for the suspect who had fled. Right when they said “Bank Robbery” my friend’s face (The man whose house I was just in) popped in my mind. I said to myself, “I bet that is him who robbed that bank”. I kept on driving. Later that evening I was watching the news, and there he was on the news!!!!

I have experienced other things too. It's very strange to me and I often wondered if I am kind of psychic.

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Psychic Talk

by Brad
(Seatlle, WA)

What does one do when a person of its immediate circle, but not necessary living in the vicinity, has decided to constantly send telepathic messages to the other without being welcomed to do so.

Someone that knows me and my habits well, we'll call her the stalker, is constantly speaking to me with the media of medium abilities and I don't know what to do to stop this intrusion and regain my privacy.

Please let me know of your comments.

Thank you

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Oct 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have a picture that was found in my closet that looks ancient that i have never seen before of a little boy, when I look at it, it creeps me out, i was wondering if someone could tell me something about it.

Oct 21, 2009
Aura Cleansing
by: ZorbaZiv

If you feel infringed upon,these simple aura cleansing steps may help.

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My Angry Wish Happened

by Marie-Eve
(Gatineau, QC Canada)

It's a short story, but still a weird thing that has happened to me recently. My ex was playing on me, and I got so mad. I wished that he would have an accident, and he did. I was crying so hard at home, and I screamed out loud '' I WISH HE'LL HAVE AN ACCIDENT!!!! ''

I kind of feel bad though, because I still care about him even though nothing is happening between us anymore.

But I hope it didn't happen because of me...

I really feel bad...

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Psychic Energy Release

by George

I have noticed some changes in my TV screen when eating. I thought at the first moment it was due to bad reception or weather conditions.

When I then realize it is happening more often, I decided to try with another TV set as I had doubt that it can be my TV set.

To my surprise the same flimmering and changes in the screen at any channel when I chew or eat something hard like apple or any hard fruit.

I think It is related to some energy release but I doubt to have any psychic abilities.

Appreciate any professional comments.

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Unexpected Contact

by Jessica Turner
(Norman, OK)

My dad and I were at the grocery store. It was very crowded, and I left him to go grab something. He had already gone two thirds of the distance to the end of the store. I saw him and was going to yell "Dad," but decided not to. Well once I stopped myself from calling him he turned and looked at me. I ran over to him, and asked him why he turned to look at me. He said "I thought you called my name." I told him that I didn't. That was a really cool experience, or when people answer a question that you were about to ask, my mom and I do that a lot.

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