Psychic Steven Dao

by Melody

Psychic Steven Dao lives in Toronto, Canada and is the most accurate psychic reader and fortune teller. He is amazing. Everything he says is correct about your past, your present and your future. At the first session when I asked about my daughter, he started with a dream which I had before I got pregnant and at that time my daughter was 19 years old.

He told me about my job and changing my work place and said that Aug 31st and Sep 1st you have a change with your job. I am a self employed. I resigned of the place where I was registered with on Aug 31st and joined somewhere else on Sep 1st and I didn't even have a plan! Everything he says is your life. Give him just a good connection and don't do the things he says not to do. He is serious about his prediction and tell you the truth. I go to him every 6 or 9 months. He doesn't tell you how much to give him and never says that it is short. He doesn't count the money but please give him about $80 and more. It is worth it and you would be amazed! Please tell him that I wrote a review for him and how did you know about him.

His email address is:

Good Luck,


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