Psychic Tarot Readings

by SolsticeSorceress
(Olympia, WA, USA)



I have been giving psychic readings and Tarot card readings for over ten years. I am clairvoyant and I find that the imagery of the tarot really sparks my psychic ability. I like to look at the imagery while I am giving information from my minds eye to someone who has called me.

I feel like it is very important to really work with a deck extensively before using it in readings because the same card in a different deck may have very different meanings. I have one deck in particular that I use for most of my psychic readings.

I like to choose a deck that has a lot of evocative imagery because I am a very visual person. I feel like the longer you work with a deck the more information it will give you. It is important to discover the idiosyncratic meanings that each card reveals to you. It is best not to simply use canned meanings of cards that are written on instruction sheets that come with the deck.

Meditation can be very helpful practice for the psychic advisor. Meditation is known to increase a person’s psychic abilities. I like to choose one of the major arcana cards to meditate on for twenty minutes before I go to sleep and then again first thing in the morning. Tarot cards can help awaken your psychic abilities.

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Sep 28, 2007
Great Advice
by: Anonymous

Tarot does indeed give us profound wisdom, not just the cookie cutter meanings found in books. The cards can speak to you something else or add something to it. Great advice!

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